France in the trap of European defense cooperation

Is the Future Air Combat System, or SCAF, program doomed to fail? A few months ago, such an idea would have unleashed the fury of ...

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Spanish Indra will lead the “Sensors” section of the FCAS program, but is that good news?

This November 23, the Directorate General of French Armament, known by the acronym DGA, signed by delegation of the German, French and Spanish States, the contract granting to the electronics company ...

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By winning on the new Typhoon radar, the Spanish Indra strengthens its position in the SCAF program

According to a press release from the Spanish on-board avionics company Indra, the latter would have been granted a position of co-developer, with the German Hensoldt, concerning the new Captor-E radar antenna ...

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Spain begins negotiations to acquire 20 Typhoons and replace its F18s

Like Berlin, Madrid will therefore have resisted the American sirens of the F35A, by announcing the official start of negotiations with Airbus DS for the acquisition of 20 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters to replace the…

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Paris, Berlin and Madrid agree on the SCAF program

The Future Air Combat System program, SCAF or FCAS in English, which brings together France, Germany and Spain, faced several blocking points in recent months,…

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Spaniard Indra wants to lead the Electronic Warfare component of the SCAF program

It was to be expected, and moreover expected: the Spanish on-board electronics company Indra, moreover designated by Madrid as the main referent for Spain in the SCAF program to the chagrin ...

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Europeans engage in electronic warfare technologies

Are we witnessing a realization, admittedly late, but welcome, concerning the need for electronic warfare capabilities and the suppression of air defense in Europe? Anyway, ...

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Spain prefers Indra to Airbus DS for participation in SCAF program

The Spanish authorities announced on September 9 that they had entrusted Indra, a company specializing in on-board aeronautical systems, with the role of national supervisor for the SCAF program. She…

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