What consequences for France if the SCAF and Tempest programs merged?

After his German counterpart Lt General Ingo Gerhartz, it is the turn of General Luca Goretti, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, to declare that, according to him, the European programs of 6th generation combat aircraft SCAF (for Future Combat Air System) which brings together Germany, Spain and France, and FCAS (for Future Combat Air System, the same acronym) which brings together Great Britain, Italy and Sweden , will be expected to merge in the more or less near future. According to the Italian general officer, given the industrial and budgetary issues, and the proximity of programs, industrial players and countries,…

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France in the trap of European defense cooperation

Is the Future Air Combat System, or FCAS, program doomed to fail? A few months ago, such an idea would have unleashed the fury of many officials at the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the DGA and even the Elysée. But today, one can reasonably ask how the program could not fail, given the many critical problems that have emerged in recent weeks. After the German requirement to obtain shared piloting between Safran and MTU concerning the propulsion pillar of the program, and this despite the more than limited experience of the German engine manufacturer in this type of thruster, then that carrying…

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Spanish Indra will lead the “Sensors” section of the FCAS program, but is that good news?

On November 23, the French Directorate General for Armaments, known by the acronym DGA, signed, by delegation of the German, French and Spanish States, the contract granting the Spanish on-board electronics company Indra the management of the "sensors of the future air combat system program, or SCAF, aimed at developing the future combat aircraft and related systems that will equip the air forces of the 3 countries from 2040. Indra will therefore be in charge, with the French companies Thales and German Hensoldt to develop the radar and all the new generation sensors that will equip the key device of the European air forces...

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By winning on the new Typhoon radar, the Spanish Indra strengthens its position in the SCAF program

According to a press release from the Spanish on-board avionics company Indra, the latter would have been granted a position of co-developer, with the German Hensoldt, concerning the new Captor-E radar with active electronic antenna which will equip the new versions of the hunter. Eurofighter Typhoon, as well as modernized versions. This announcement will allow the Spanish company to co-develop and co-produce the 130 radars ordered as part of the modernization of the 130 German-Spanish Eurofighters planned over the decade, but also to equip some 110 new aircraft announced as soon ordered by the Luftwaffe for the replacement of part of its Tornado and Typhoon Tranche I…

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Spain begins negotiations to acquire 20 Typhoons and replace its F18s

Like Berlin, Madrid will therefore have resisted the American sirens of the F35A, by announcing the official start of negotiations with Airbus DS for the acquisition of 20 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters to replace the EF-18 Hornets of squadron 46 based in the Canary Islands. The new aircraft will reinforce the approximately 70 Typhoons already in service with the Spanish Air Force. As for the Luftwaffe, the Spanish Typhoons will be of the IV tranche and will offer greatly extended operational capabilities, both for air-to-air and air-to-ground or air-to-surface missions, implementing in particular the new AESA Radar jointly developed by the Spaniard Indra and the German Hensoldt. The new devices are expected between…

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