Indian Navy cleared to order 8 new corvettes for 36.000 crore

The Indian Defense Acquisition Council has authorized the financing of a program of 8 new generation corvettes for the Indian Navy, for an amount of 36.000 crore or €4,5 billion. The new class of ship will be entirely designed and manufactured by the Indian naval industry, in application of the “Make in India” directive. Due to the rapid modernization of the Pakistani fleet, with the arrival of new Type 039B Hangor-class submarines, Type 054 A/P Tughril-class frigates and Turkish MILGEM Babur-class corvettes, as well as the very rapid rise in power of the Chinese Navy, New Delhi has…

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By reducing the MMRCA 57 program to 2 aircraft, India increases the Rafale's chances of winning

In 2001, New Delhi launched a very important competition aimed at acquiring 114 medium combat aircraft to replace its Mig-27 and Jaguar which were to reach their age limit by the end of the 2010s. In 2012, the Indian authorities announced the victory of the Dassault Rafale, and the start of negotiations for the local industrial production of these aircraft intended for the Indian Air Force. However, many difficulties came to handicap the discussions, in particular concerning the participation of the state industrialist HAL, leading Paris and New Delhi to announce in 2015 the cancellation of this operation, replaced by a firm order of 36 Rafale produced in France. . However,…

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India suspends order for 10 Russian Ka-31 naval helicopters

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, it is common to read that Russia is unanimously against it in the world, with the exception of a few satellite dictatorships, such as Syria or Venezuela. While it is true that during the votes at the United Nations, a majority of countries supported the motions against Moscow, many countries, and not the least, preferred to abstain rather than take a position against Russia. This was particularly the case for China, but also for Brazil, South Africa and India, the 4 other members of the BRICS format. If New Delhi has neither condemned nor…

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In India, the Rafale demonstrates great payload capacity on Ski-Jump

Since the beginning of January, Dassault Aviation and Team Rafale have been taking part in a vast test campaign aimed at determining the performance of its fighter, the Rafale Marine, in taking to the air from an aircraft carrier equipped not catapults as for the PAN Charles de Gaulle of the French Navy, but a springboard, or ski jump, like those which equip the two aircraft carriers of the Indian Navy, the INS Vikramaditya already in service and the INS Vikrant , the first locally-made aircraft carrier to complete these sea trials. If the French teams displayed real serenity as to the results expected during…

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The 5 assets of the Rafale against the Super Hornet for Indian naval aviation

The Rafale M1, the first aircraft in the program for French naval aviation, is today at the heart of attention for Dassault Aviation and the entire Team Rafale. Indeed, it is this aircraft which was sent on January 6 to the Indian naval air base in Goa to demonstrate its ability to be operated from a Ski-Jump type platform, and not of an aircraft carrier equipped with catapults. These tests, the first of which took place this morning and took place nominally, will last until the beginning of February and will make it possible to validate not only the capacity of…

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The Rafale M in a good position to equip the Indian Navy

From January 6, 2022, a French Navy Rafale M will carry out qualification tests for the use of a Ski Jump, as part of the competition against the F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet to equip the aircraft carriers of the Indian Navy. These tests, which will take place within the Goa naval air base where the Ski Jump platform is located where the Indian Tejas was tested, will be followed, in February, by similar tests concerning the American Super Hornet, even if it had already demonstrated its ability to take in the air from this type of installation...

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India relaunches competition to build 4 amphibious assault ships

India's weapons programs are almost always extraordinarily complex, and quite often they fail even when a winner has been chosen, colliding with the country's technocracy. This was the case of the MMRCA program (126 Rafale) canceled in 2015, as well as the competition to acquire 6 tanker aircraft, won twice by the A330MRTT in 2006 and 2013, and twice canceled in 2010 and 2016, or the program FGFA which planned to design with Russia a replacement for the Su-30MKI on the basis of the Su-57 and which was canceled in 2018 by New Delhi. This was also the case with…

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