Pentagon doesn't want additional Israeli Iron Dome systems

According to the Israeli press, the Pentagon has given up on acquiring additional Iron Dome systems to strengthen its close protection capabilities, due to an incompatibility of the Israeli system with ...

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The US Army wants to accelerate the entry into service of its laser and hypersonic weapons

Negotiations are going well between the American general staffs and the Congress, while the budget for the armies of 2021 is being prepared. But there or traditionally, the debates were articulated ...

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MBDA demonstrates the performance of its Mistral 3 missile against drones

In the end, nothing wants a real demonstration! It is essentially on this paradigm that MBDA has relied to organize, the 6 November 2019, a demonstration in real fire ...

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Close-up anti-aircraft protection of Russian units

Aware of the superiority of NATO's air power, Russia never sought to equal it, as the Soviet Union had done. However, Moscow has always been determined to ...

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General Dynamics presents the first IM-SHORAD for close-to-air protection of US forces

In recent years, American armies have made a specialty of programs launched in emergency to fill an important operational failure. This was the case for the modernization of ...

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In 3 years, the US Army has moved from 10 to 25 combat-ready brigades

In 2013, the US Army was at worst. Following engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, deployments in more than 15 countries around the globe, and cuts in ...

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The US Army wants a high-energy microwave system to complete its anti-aircraft defense

Since 2 years, the US Army devotes a large budget to rebuild its near-air defense capabilities, including intercepting shells, rockets, missiles and drones that could target its ...

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All-Purpose Strengthening of US Army SHORAD Capabilities

Western armies, particularly those of NATO, have traditionally relied heavily on the air-defense of their land units for the assurance of air superiority ...

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