Hearing trauma of British tank crews is believed to be linked to British Army helmets

The British Army has just issued an order limiting the duration of exposure of armored personnel on board vehicles ranging from 5 hours for certain types of armored vehicle to a maximum of 55 minutes for other models, due to a defect observed concerning the helmets used by these soldiers, according to the British daily The Times. This precautionary measure aims to protect the personnel of the armed forces while the number of auditory traumatisms of British armored crews would have increased significantly. An in-depth investigation would be underway to determine if indeed, the helmets used by the crews to communicate on board the armored vehicles are…

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The Australian Armies are also bracing for the worst in the years to come over Taiwan

A few weeks ago, Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of the American forces deployed in the Pacific, publicly considered that from now on, it was to be expected that Beijing would begin military action with a view to taking Taiwan by force, and this by 2027. According to the American general officer, the People's Liberation Army will indeed have the necessary military means to accomplish this mission in the next few years, thanks to a specific global effort by the Chinese authorities to achieve it. Obviously, the Australian armies share the same concerns, and have begun strategic thinking, as well as exercises, to deal with them. Thus, the…

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Qatar turn to KMW's German Boxer and drop Nexter's VBCI

Exactly 3 years ago, Doha announced two major contracts for the French Defense industry: the exercise of an option to acquire 12 additional Rafale aircraft to the 24 already ordered, as well as a €2 billion contract to acquire 490 Armored Infantry Combat, or VBCI, manufactured by Nexter. If the Rafale order went perfectly, and is almost finished today, the VBCI file has, for its part, experienced many delays, with the process of selecting the turret which was to equip the armored vehicle, then because of the increasingly strong tensions between Paris and Doha opponents on issues without any…

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Faced with the absence of a comprehensive recovery plan, British industrialists are getting impatient and urging London to act

Two months after the appeal launched by Paul Everitt – director of the association ADS representing the aerospace and defense industries of the United Kingdom – to the government authorities to demand “urgent measures” and similar to those taken by the French and German governments to their respective BITDs, it is now the turn of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions (CSEU) to raise their voices in the face of the British executive's silence. Bringing together no less than 100.000 industrial and manufacturing workers in the aerospace, shipbuilding, defense and transport sectors – some of whom evolve…

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The 10 articles published in 2019 not to miss according to the editorial Meta-Defense

After the 10 most viewed articles in 2019 by readers, here is the selection of the 10 articles published by Meta-Defense in 2019 that you absolutely must read or reread according to the editorial staff of the service! No notion of ranking this time, and as before, these 10 articles will be accessible free of charge throughout January 2020. Belgium, Romania, Greece… these European countries which trust the French Defense industry At the beginning of the 2000s, and for nearly 15 years, the French defense industry failed to sign any significant contract independently in Europe, and due...

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Legal control of arms exports backfires on NGOs

A German court of justice issued a judgment on December 03, 2019 which annuls the suspension decided by the German government on arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia. Initiated in October 2018, the suspension decision was formalized in March 2019. It is due to expire in March 2020. For the record, this decision was announced by Angela Merkel after the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It therefore did not officially concern the conflict in Yemen, which avoided Germany also having to embargo deliveries to the United Arab Emirates, a member of the same coalition and direct customer...

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The UK chooses the Boxer

Finally, the tender will not last long. Less than a week after the announcement of a competition to choose the model of infantry fighting vehicle that will equip the British army, the British Ministry of Defense announced that its choice fell on the Boxer program , which the British left 12 years ago. After the Australians, it is therefore a new success for the VCI resulting from cooperation between German and Dutch industry, and a disappointment for Nexter and its VBCI 2 which had been positively evaluated a few years ago by the forces British. Clearly, French defense companies are struggling to export...

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The United Kingdom launches consultations for the acquisition of 800 infantry fighting vehicles.

The British Ministry of Defense announced this week that it has officially launched consultations for a tender to acquire 800 8×8 infantry fighting vehicles. 5 manufacturers were consulted, including Nexter, which offers the VBCI 2, which has just had a major success in Qatar. The proposed armored vehicles will be evaluated during a test campaign to be held this summer, for entry into service in early 2020. As for France, the British army plans to use its IFVs in coordination with a light tank, the Ajax, and a general-purpose personnel carrier, the Mastiff. The VBCI had already been evaluated by the Army…

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