Swedish CV90 Mk IV infantry fighting vehicle wins Slovak competition

As far as arms contracts are concerned, the arguments used to choose material, which is more important for imports, are most often vague, not to say opaque. In this area, the competition organized by the Slovak authorities with a view to upgrading or replacing its fleet of BVP-1/2 infantry fighting vehicles inherited from the Warsaw Pact era, has been of unprecedented clarity. , offering an objective view of the options considered as well as the characteristics of the armored vehicles selected, both in the operational field and from a budgetary and industrial point of view. At the end of this particularly precise and documented process, the…

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Hearing trauma of British tank crews is believed to be linked to British Army helmets

The British Army has just issued an order limiting the duration of exposure of armored personnel on board vehicles ranging from 5 hours for certain types of armored vehicle to a maximum of 55 minutes for other models, due to a defect observed concerning the helmets used by these soldiers, according to the British daily The Times. This precautionary measure aims to protect the personnel of the armed forces while the number of auditory traumatisms of British armored crews would have increased significantly. An in-depth investigation would be underway to determine if indeed, the helmets used by the crews to communicate on board the armored vehicles are…

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British Armored Vehicle Ajax's Last Chance Mission

For several months, the Ajax armored vehicle program intended for the British armed forces has faced much criticism, after major technical problems were revealed in the press across the Channel, and several hundred soldiers were injured by the very high vibrations and sound level inside the armored vehicle when it moves. The authorities dithered for a while, not knowing whether the program should be continued, to try to correct the sometimes crippling defects observed, or simply stopped. Ultimately, the decision of the future of the program fell to the director of program deliveries of the…

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Will the British Army have to abandon the Ajax armored program?

In the mid-90s, the British Army set out to replace its Scorpion, Scimitar, Spartan and Sultan tracked reconnaissance and specialist armored vehicles, which had been in service since the early 70s, and which were beginning to clearly show the weight of the years in a changing environment. quick. However, it was not until 2010 that, as part of the Future Rapid Effect System program, the British Ministry of Defense decided in favor of Lockheed-Martin's Scout SV, to the chagrin of BAe and its CV90 which was already winning a real success in Europe. Derived from the ASCOD model jointly designed by Spain and Austria,…

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