US Department of Defense defines blueprint for directed energy weapons

According to the Pentagon, directed energy weapons, such as high energy lasers and microwave weapons, are set to become, in the years to come, also preponderant ...

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The US Army wants to accelerate the entry into service of its laser and hypersonic weapons

Negotiations are going well between the American general staffs and the Congress, while the budget for the armies of 2021 is being prepared. But there or traditionally, the debates were articulated ...

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US Army reverses MML all-round launcher

Starting from 2015, the US Army launched a program to ensure the close protection of its sensitive infrastructures against the air threats, from the aircraft to the drone passing ...

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The US Army wants a high-energy microwave system to complete its anti-aircraft defense

Since 2 years, the US Army devotes a large budget to rebuild its near-air defense capabilities, including intercepting shells, rockets, missiles and drones that could target its ...

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