General Dynamics and Epirus embark the Leonidas microwave anti-drone system on Stryker armored personnel carrier

The fight against the threat that drones and drone swarms now represent is at the heart of the concerns of the US Army, which has developed a strategy based on ...

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Israel's TROPHY hard-kill system ready to embark on US Army Strykers

Hard-kill protection systems, an active device making it possible to intercept missiles and anti-tank rockets before they strike an armored vehicle, are now required as the essential tool to ensure…

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The US Army relaunches the competition to equip its Strykers with a Hard-Kill system

Until the early 2000s, the US Army only had heavy means to transport its infantry forces, such as the M113 armored personnel carrier and the combat vehicle ...

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The US Army strengthens the resistance of its units to GPS jamming

Access to the GPS signal has become one of the major challenges of electronic warfare between units on a battlefield. It not only allows you to ...

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General Dynamics presents the first IM-SHORAD for close-to-air protection of US forces

In recent years, the American armies have made a specialty of programs launched in emergency to fill a major operational failure. This was the case with the modernization of ...

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The US Army will transform 3 of its Stryker Brigades for high intensity combat

In the early 2000s, the US Army General Staff transformed part of the mechanized infantry units into 7 Stryker Brigades, or Stryker Brigade Combat Team, plus two SBCTs in…

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