Can the French aeronautical industry bounce back from the success of the F-35 in Europe?

At the end of last week, and as anticipated, the Finnish authorities announced that they had selected the American F-35A fighter to succeed the F-18s within its air force, at the end of the HX competition which saw once again the American fighter to the other Western models, F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet, Gripen, Rafale and Typhoon. As in Switzerland, the conclusions presented by the Finnish authorities are final, the F-35 appearing superior to other competitors in all areas, including in the area of ​​budgetary sustainability. And as in Switzerland, many voices are now being raised to restore…

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Unsurprisingly, the F-35A is given the winner of the HX competition in Finland

The HX competition, which aims to replace Finland's F-18s in the present decade, is coming to an end, and the selected aircraft should be announced in the days or weeks to come. Unlike many other recent competitions, the 5 aircraft manufacturers in the running, Boeing with its F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Aviation with the Rafale, Eurofighter with the Typhoon, Lockheed-Martin with the F-35A and Saab with the Gripen E/F, continued their efforts until the end of the competition, without throwing in the towel in the face of a truncated call for tenders in favor of the F-35A, as was the case in Belgium or in…

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Finland wants to increase its defense budget by 54% in 2021

In order to respond to the first tranche of funding for the HX program intended to replace its fleet of F-18s, the Finnish Ministry of Defense presented its provisional budget for 13 on August 2020, 2021, showing a growth of €1,7 billion for reach €4,87 billion, an increase of 54% with the 2020 budget. Apart from the credits intended for the HX program, the increase in the budget amounts to 0,7%. Helsinki, which until now only spent 1,4% of its GDP on La Défense, will therefore, in a single year, exceed the 2% threshold. But not being a member of NATO, this parameter has little…

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Finnish HX Program Manager discusses poor performance of Gripen and F-35 during tests

Interviewed by the Finnish site Kauppalehti, the head of the HX program spoke the day before yesterday about the HX Challenge competition between the French Rafale, the American F-35 and F/A-18E, the Swedish JAS-39E Gripen and the European Typhoon for the renewal of Finnish Air Force F/A-18 fighters. In recent months, the aircraft have succeeded in Finland to verify, through a flight test program, that their operational characteristics correspond to those announced by the manufacturers. Assessments on logistics and military capabilities adapted to Finnish modus operandi should follow later in the year. Among other issues...

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