North Korea re-tests advanced performance hypersonic ballistic missile

Although geopolitical attention is now focused more on the risk of conflict in Ukraine or around Taiwan, certain theaters less exposed to the media are still very active. This is particularly the case of the Korean Peninsula, while the two countries, North and South Korea, have for several years been engaged in intense competition in the field of long-range missiles. The year 2021 was thus marked by numerous tests on both sides, with notable advances both in the field of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. But it was unmistakably the September 28 test of a North Korean ballistic missile equipped…

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North Korea announces successful test of hypersonic glider

On September 28, the North Korean armed forces launched another short-range ballistic missile. But according to the state website Rodong Sinmun, this test was much more than just another expression of Pyongyang's annoyance at American maneuvers in South Korea and the Pacific, since it was, according to statements North Koreans, to test a new missile equipped with a hypersonic glider, the Hwasong-8. The launch was reportedly tracked by South Korean radars, with an apogee at 30 km and a recorded range of 200 km. But according to Pyongyang, the test would have given complete satisfaction, even going so far as to publish…

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