Spain begins negotiations to acquire 20 Typhoons and replace F18s

Like Berlin, Madrid will have therefore resisted the American sirens of the F35A, by announcing the official start of negotiations with Airbus DS for the acquisition of 20 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters to replace the…

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For its Typhoon fighters, Germany acquires AESA radars manufactured by Hensoldt, to the detriment of European programs

On June 17, the German government announced that it had agreed to finance the supply of radars with active electronic antenna (EASA) intended to modernize the current fleet of 110 planes…

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These technologies which will be able to detect an F35 from 2030

Since the use of the F117 during the first Gulf War, in 1991, stealth is considered to be the essential characteristic of a fighter plane, to be able to…

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Europeans engage in electronic warfare technologies

Are we witnessing a belated but welcome awareness of the need for electronic warfare capabilities and the suppression of air defense in Europe? Whatever, ...

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ASGARD project: France and Germany develop an advanced aerial surveillance radar demonstrator

Today, in the world of military aviation, Franco-German projects abound. In addition to the creation of a bilateral squadron equipped with C-130J Super Hercules or the design of SCAF (system ...

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Is the articulation of European programs effective?

The European Defense industry has not particularly shone in recent years with its ability to implement multinational programs. With 7 industrial partners, 3 aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Dassault ...

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