Will the future US Navy DDG (x) destroyer be a "transitional" destroyer?

As Congress has approved the construction of an additional Arleigh Burke Flight III class destroyer for 2022, and the US Navy has announced a major plan to ...

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Summary 2020: Major technological advances in Defense in 2020

If 2020 will go down in history as the year of the great Covid-19 pandemic, it will also be, concerning Defense technologies, a pivotal year marking the transition between the vision ...

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Helios laser defense system will equip the first US Navy destroyer from 2021

All of the American armies consider that directed energy weapon systems will largely ensure close anti-aircraft protection of the forces, and this before the end of the decade ...

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Laser is the ultimate CIWS for US forces

It is rare to see the three American armies collaborating in technological development. Yet this is what is happening today in order to develop a defense system ...

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