What are the strengths and weaknesses of the French Navy?

The entry into service of the new Alsace frigate, which offers enhanced anti-aircraft capabilities while retaining the anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship warfare capabilities of the Aquitaine-class FREMMs, was rightly , hailed as an important step in the effort to modernize the French Navy. Many other programs are underway to support this effort, including the FDI defense and intervention frigates, the Suffren class nuclear attack submarines, the Jacques Chevallier class tanker tankers, the future Ocean Patrollers or again the SLAM-F Mines war program, all to enter service during…

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German Navy orders 31 NH90 anti-submarine warfare helicopters from Airbus Helicopters

Despite its difficult beginnings, the European NH90 helicopter, designed and manufactured jointly by the Franco-German Airbus Helicopters, the Italian Leonardo and the Dutch Fokker, has established itself today as a machine that is both reliable and efficient, both in the field of tactical transport, with the Tactical Transport Helicopter or TTH version ordered by 12 countries, and in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare with its Naval Frigate Helicopter or NFH version, ordered by 8 Marines, 7 of whom belong to NATO. The German Navy had ordered in 2015, 18 of these aircraft to replace its Westland Sea King naval transport helicopters, in a version designated NH90 Sea Lion…

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France has deployed its fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey

The French Navy has announced that it has deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean from 4 to 13 November, a powerful surface combat fleet, made up of the light stealth frigate Lafayette, the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville, and the defense frigate aerial Forbin, the most powerfully armed of the French Navy's combat surface units. This naval device, designated Surface Action Group or SaG by the Admiralty, which also includes an Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft based in Crete, and an Air Force Awacs E3F Sentry forward air control aircraft, is the one of the most imposing deployed by France in the last two…

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France orders 12 Rafale and 10 additional NH90 helicopters

As Talleyrand liked to say, “If it goes without saying, it goes all the better by saying it”. In this case, the Minister of the French Armies Florence Parly confirmed, in a speech to the national representation, that her ministry was going to order 12 new Rafale aircraft to compensate for the 12 aircraft sold second-hand to Greece, in a contract also including 6 new appliances. In addition, the Minister also confirmed the order for 10 NH90 helicopters to the "Special Forces" standard to equip the 4th Special Forces helicopter regiment based in Pau. The total amount of the order is estimated at €1,5 billion.…

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After the Tigers, the Australian Army wants to replace part of its MRH90 Taipan

Decidedly, Australians do not seem to be big fans of European helicopters. After launching a call for tenders to replace their ARH Tiger combat helicopters, which they blame for overly complex and expensive maintenance, they are now preparing to replace their MRH 90 Taipan in service within the 6th aviation regulations of 'Holsworthy, by US-built HH-60W or MH-60M Black Hawk helicopters. In question, the bad positioning (according to them) of the port machine gun and the descent smooth rope for special operations. The Australian government may soon announce, as part of the Land 2097 Phase 4 program,…

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While not yet fully operational, Belgian NH90 TTH helicopters could be withdrawn from service

Of all the countries of Western Europe, Belgium is undoubtedly one of those which suffered the most from the reductions in staff linked to the "Peace Dividends". If modernization plans have been launched in recent years, after several decades of budget cuts, the starving Belgian defense budget will not allow all current operational capabilities to be renewed and maintained. Especially since micro-fleets of equipment are complex and expensive to maintain. The sizing of the Belgian helicopter fleets is particularly representative of this phenomenon, which aims to maintain operational capabilities with the fewest means possible, making their…

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The French Navy will hire 16 Dauphin and H160M helicopters this year

In an article published in the daily newspaper Ouest-France, we learn that the French Navy will during 2020 receive the first second-hand Dauphin helicopters which will, for the occasion, be rented to a consortium between the companies DCI and Heli Union. This contract, for a period of 10 years, was notified on December 3 to December 2019, and relates to 12 Dauphin helicopters acquired second-hand from companies which used them for the benefit of oil companies in the field of off-shore in Africa. They will first be revised, modernized and adapted to the specific needs of the French Navy by HeliDax, and will replace the Alouette III and Lynx...

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South Korea launches tender for 12 anti-submarine helicopters

The DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration), the body in charge of defense programs in South Korea, has launched a call for tenders to strengthen its fleet of anti-submarine helicopters with 8 AW159 Wildcats. The tender, for 12 units to be delivered in 2022, will be officially launched next month. 3 manufacturers are invited to tender, Leonardo with the AW159 Wildcat already in operation, Sikorski with the MH-60R, and NHIndustries, with the NH90. If Leonardo seems favored with its fleet already used by the Korean Navy, which has significant advantages in terms of maintenance and training, the NH90 has very…

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