The US Navy Coastal Combat Ship Mine Warfare module has been validated

The concept that led Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England (Bush Jr administration from 2001 to 2003) to give birth to the Littoral Combat Ships in the early 2000s was innovative to say the least: rather than having to build several ships specializing in different types of mission, it was sufficient to rely on a modular structure allowing the dynamic integration of the capabilities required on demand, in the form of complementary modules integrating the technology and equipment required for the mission. In fact, the LCS had to be able, by changing modules, to carry out alternately and effectively anti-submarine warfare missions, countermeasures…

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Greece to prepare to order 6 additional Rafale

“A combat squadron consists of 18 aircraft, but a good combat squadron has 24 aircraft”. This is how a Greek military source specific to the file presented Greece's forthcoming intention to order 6 additional Rafales from France for the 332nd Hellenic fighter squadron, which has already sent 6 pilots to Mont-de- Marsan to begin their transformation on the French aircraft. On the basis of the current contract for the acquisition of 18 Rafales to the F3R standard, including 6 new aircraft and 12 taken from the Air and Space Force fleet, Athens estimates the amount of the…

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