Sikorsky deposits Leonardo in the field of naval helicopters in South Korea

The DAPA, the South Korean defense equipment acquisition and development authority, has just announced that it has accepted the offer from the American Sikorsky for 12 MH-60R naval helicopters to equip its KDX-III destroyers ...

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India orders 24 MH-60R Sea Hawk naval helicopters during Donald Trump visit to New Delhi

There are theme days, and today the predominant theme is the helicopter. Indeed, on the occasion of his official visit to India, US President Donald Trump ...

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Greece will be able to acquire 7 MH-60R naval helicopters from Sikorsky for 600 $ m

Greece's solvency does not seem to be perceived in the United States in the same way as in France. Indeed, the FMS (Foreign Military Sales) has just authorized the sale to…

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South Korea launches tender for 12 anti-submarine helicopters

The DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration), the body in charge of defense programs in South Korea, has launched a call for tenders to strengthen its fleet of helicopters with a strong anti-submarine vocation ...

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