With the Vixen, the Royal Navy studies the use of a versatile on-board combat drone

Obviously, the ambition to equip the aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales with a catapult and arresting wires to implement combat drones is gaining momentum within the Royal Navy. Indeed, according to several articles that have appeared in the specialist press across the Channel, the Royal Navy is actively studying the possibility of using a fixed-wing combat drone, designated the Vixen program, on board its aircraft carriers, to fulfill numerous missions. , ranging from early air warning to in-flight refueling, air-to-ground and air-to-surface strikes, and intelligence and communication missions. Better, the objective...

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Can we develop a heavy European high performance helicopter?

After several months of uncertainty, the German authorities have announced that they are ending the procedure aimed at acquiring a heavy helicopter from the United States to replace its fleet of CH-53s reaching the end of their age. Although no additional information on German ambitions in the field has been given, it could well be a unique opportunity for Europe to finally acquire a device of this type, as it represents, after the United States, the largest western world market for this type of military aircraft. Indeed, in addition to Germany, 5 European armies today use this type of aircraft, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom. When to…

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Italy wants to participate in US Army FVL program with European help

The Italian authorities have announced that they have included measures to support its defense industry in its plan to use part of the €209 billion allocated by the European Union as part of the post-Covid recovery plan. While Rome's objective is obviously to support innovation and develop new technologies, the stated ambition goes well beyond declarations of principle, and identifies very specific areas, such as participation in the British new fighter program generation Tempest, the development of a new offer of naval engines and, in a way that may seem surprising, the participation in the Futur Vertical Lift program of…

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