Modern attack helicopters, from the AH64 Apache to the Z19.

Although helicopters have been used in combat since the late 40s, especially during the Korean War when they first played ...

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US authorizes export of combat helicopters to the Philippines, despite tensions between the two countries

At the end of last week, the US State Department approved the sale of helicopters to the Philippines, as part of an FMS (Foreign Military Sales) procedure. As is often the case with ...

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The Czech Republic orders 12 Bell combat helicopters

In its effort to reach the fateful bar of 2% of GDP allocated to the financing of its Defense in 2025 required by NATO, Prague has just allocated a global envelope of…

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Australia abandons Tiger gunships

The Australian armed forces, by ordering 22 Tiger combat helicopters at the ARH (Attack Reconnaissance Helicopter) standard from Airbus Helicopters in 2001, were the first, and the only ones,…

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