The 4 future air defense systems close to Directed Energy of the US Army

In many areas, such as long-range surface-to-air systems, anti-tank missiles, electronic warfare and even artillery and armor, the US Army has seen its technological advantage ...

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The US Army tests the Stryker DE M-SHORAD armed with a 50 Kw laser

Directed energy weapons, like hypersonic weapons, have been two absolute technological priorities for the American armies in recent years in an attempt to catch up with technological dynamics ...

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The US Army will test the Iron Dome to protect its vulnerable infrastructure

One of the major lessons of the war which opposed the Azeri forces to the Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020, was the great vulnerability of the sites of support of the forces, ...

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US Army sends first Stryker M-SHORAD close air defense to Germany

5 years. This is the time it took between the urgent call made by the American central command in Europe, the US European Command, for an anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system ...

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US Army wants high-energy microwave system to supplement air defense

For 2 years, the US Army has been devoting a large budget to rebuilding its close-range anti-aircraft defense capabilities, and in particular to intercept shells, rockets, missiles and drones that could target its…

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Dynetics-Lockheed will design the 100 Kwh anti-aircraft laser system for the US Army

The American group Dynetics, associated with the world leader in Lockheed-Martin defense equipment, was chosen by the US Army to design the demonstrator of a 100 kWh mobile anti-aircraft laser,…

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