Greece ready to spend €2 billion to modernize its Leopard 1 and 2 heavy tanks

If the United States and some of the Europeans tend to soften their positions vis-à-vis Turkey, the Greek authorities and military, for their part, are far from sharing this hope about a possible change of method. and objectives on the part of the Turkish President, R. T Erdogan, and a normalization of relations with Ankara. While Greece can rely on solid growth of 8,1% in 2021 and more than 7% expected in 2022, and its public finances are again in the green, Athens can now focus on modernizing its its ground forces, after devoting…

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Lessons from the War in Ukraine: The Vulnerability of Frontline Armor

According to the Oryx site, which refers to the losses documented by both sides since the beginning of the conflict, the Russian armies have so far lost more than 550 heavy tanks, of which more than half were destroyed by anti-tank missiles, artillery strikes or by enemy tanks. The situation is essentially the same for armored combat vehicles (350 including 150 destroyed) and infantry combat vehicles (600 including 350 destroyed), which represents half of all front line armored vehicles deployed by the Russia around Ukraine before the fighting started. Fact,…

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Defense technologies that made the news in 2021

Despite the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the news in 2021 was often marked by certain defense technologies, in a geopolitical context of growing tensions and critical crises. From Australia's surprise cancellation of the order for French-built conventionally powered submarines to switch to US-British nuclear attack submarines, to hypersonic missiles; from underwater drones to China's new fractional orbital bombardment system; these defense technologies, long in the background of the world media scene, found themselves in the news, and sometimes in the headlines during this year. In this two-part article,…

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Israeli Trophy active protection system proves its worth on German Leopard 2s

Last February, Berlin announced that it had ordered from the Israeli Rafael the active protection system Trophy to equip the equivalent of a company of Leopard 2A7 tanks. This Hard-Kill system, which notably equips Merkava tanks and Namer Infantry Combat Vehicles, had already largely demonstrated its operational effectiveness during Israeli engagements in the Middle East since 2011, by displaying an exceptional capacity to intercept rockets and anti-tank missiles targeting Israeli tanks. This system was also meticulously tested by the US Army, which decided to equip some of its M1A2 Abrams heavy tanks with it as an interim solution, in…

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The British Char Challenger 3 (also) will be protected by the Israeli Trophy system

We knew that London was planning to equip its future Challenger 3 tank, a retrofit of the Challenger 2 currently in service to compensate for defects and obsolescence and to make it possible to connect with a possible replacement from 2035, with a Hard protection system -Kill to increase its protection against anti-tank missiles and rockets. The British Ministry of Defense has just confirmed that the active protection system Trophy of the Israeli Rafael had been selected for this, in this case in its lighter version Trophy MV/VPS. The British Army will therefore be the 3rd NATO army to choose the Israeli self-protection system,…

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Israel's TROPHY hard-kill system ready to embark on US Army Strykers

Hard-kill protection systems, an active device allowing to intercept missiles and anti-tank rockets before they hit an armored vehicle, are now becoming the essential tool to ensure the survivability of armored vehicles on a field. of high intensity battle, or the threats for these vehicles will be numerous and lethal. But these devices, like the TROPHY of the Israeli Rafael which equips the Merkava of the Israeli armies, and soon the American M1 Abrams and the Leopard 2 of the Bundeswehr, if they are very effective, have two big defects: they are very heavy , up to 2 tons, and consume a lot of electrical energy. In fact, if they can...

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Germany chooses Israeli hard-kill protection system TROPHY for its Leopard 2

The German authorities have decided to follow in the footsteps of the US Army by choosing to acquire the Hard-Kill TROPHY protection system, designed and manufactured by the Israeli Rafael, to protect its front-line Leopard 2 tanks, and this in a relatively short time since the announced objective is to have a combat tank company equipped with this device by 2023, to join NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF). The announcement was made directly by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and the contract will be awarded in a government-to-government procedure. This contract is not about equipping…

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Raytheon to design self-defense micro-missile for US Air Force by 2023

To cope with the increased threat posed by anti-tank missiles and rockets to their armour, several armed forces, including those of Israel and Russia, undertook in the 80s and 90s to develop anti-tank systems. active self-protection intended not to decoy the missile, but to intercept it before it hits its fable. The first of these systems to enter service was the Soviet Drozd, which in the early 80s was deployed on 250 T-55As of the Soviet Marine Infantry. These systems, like the Israeli Trophy or the Russian Afghanit, are referred to as Hard-Kill. However, the increase in…

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