Beijing launches large-scale exercise around Taiwan to respond to Washington

For several months, we have been witnessing the rise of tensions between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan. Until now, it was mainly a question of provocations and retaliations, with ...

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Invasion exercises, bomber deployment: China steps up pressure on Taiwan and the United States

Little more than a day or two now passes between announcements of new provocations or new coercive measures between the United States and China. AT…

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Chinese state press reports "possible struggle" around Taiwan island

The Chinese state website published an article today reporting a significant number of People's Liberation Army air force exercises around the island of Taiwan. The argument…

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Hypersonic weapons soon equipped on the strategic bomber H-6K Chinese?

The state-run Global Times reports that the H-6K, a Chinese strategic bomber, could be equipped with hypersonic weapons, and thus be able to destroy enemy military bodies located in the ...

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US intelligence estimates that China would develop a third generation 5e fighter

This is information that will not surprise the regulars of Defense Analysis. In its report to the Congress on China, the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, considers likely the ...

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The nuclear weapon becomes a priority again, and it is worrying

With the end of the cold war, the role of deterrence, and its nuclear weapons, has slowly faded, as has the risk of major conflict between technologically advanced states. Indeed, among the nuclear powers, Russia seemed entangled in an insoluble economic crisis that was rolling over its Defense tool, and China seemed to be more concerned with its economic growth than with its military might.

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China will soon have new airborne anti-ship ballistic missiles

Like Russia, China is developing numerous programs aimed at targeting the weaknesses of Western forces. Latest in the development of 2 new airborne ballistic missiles, like the Russian Kinjal KH47.

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