UAE Mirage 2000-9 interests Morocco and Egypt

There are signs that do not deceive. Barely a week after the announcement made of the order of 80 Rafale by the air force of the United Arab Emirates, that the sixty Mirage 2000-9 acquired at the end of the 90s by the country, and which must precisely be replaced by the Rafales ordered, would have already found takers. Indeed, according to several sources of information, it appears that Egypt, but also Morocco, would have approached Abu Dhabi in order to acquire these fighter planes which still have a remarkable operational potential. If Cairo's request is not surprising, the air force...

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In addition to the Rafale contract, the UAE orders 12 H225M Caracal from Airbus Helicopters

Obviously, Emmanuel Macron did not travel for nothing during his express tour of the Middle East from December 2 to 4. Indeed, in addition to the historic contract of €16 billion for the delivery of 80 Rafale combat aircraft to the F4 standard and a stock of MICA NG and Scalp missiles, the United Arab Emirates has also ordered 12 H225M maneuver helicopters from France. Caracal, for an estimated amount of between €700m and €800m. This providential order for Airbus Helicopter and in particular for the Marignane site where the aircraft will be assembled, will allow the European helicopter manufacturer to pass without incident the few…

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What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Air and Space Force?

On the night of April 13 to 14, 2017, 5 Rafale aircraft from the Saint-Dizier base escorted by 4 Mirage-2000-5, 2 Awacs aircraft and 6 KC-135 tanker aircraft, carried out a 10-hour raid and 7000 km to strike and destroy using the 2 SCALP cruise missiles carried by each of the Rafales, the Syrian chemical installations used by the regime of President Bashar El Assad, within the framework of a tripartite coalition bringing together the United States, the Great Britain and France. Despite the significant Syrian anti-aircraft defenses implemented, all the targets targeted by the coalition strikes in…

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Britain orders 14 MH-47G Chinook heavy helicopters

The Royal Air Force will continue to deploy the CH-47 Chinook heavy helicopter for many years to come. Indeed, an agreement was signed on March 25 between the British authorities and the Pentagon, concerning an order for 14 MH-47Gs as well as engines, armament and defense systems, for a total amount of $2 billion. This order, under discussion since 2018 and initially for 16 aircraft, will ultimately be postponed for 3 years at the request of the British authorities, in order to absorb the budgetary effects of the Covid19 crisis. The new aircraft will replace the oldest of the 60 CH-47s still in service in…

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Can we develop a heavy European high performance helicopter?

After several months of uncertainty, the German authorities have announced that they are ending the procedure aimed at acquiring a heavy helicopter from the United States to replace its fleet of CH-53s reaching the end of their age. Although no additional information on German ambitions in the field has been given, it could well be a unique opportunity for Europe to finally acquire a device of this type, as it represents, after the United States, the largest western world market for this type of military aircraft. Indeed, in addition to Germany, 5 European armies today use this type of aircraft, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom. When to…

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20 programs to strengthen the armies and preserve the French industrial fabric

Between the health and economic crisis linked to the Covid19 virus, and the security crises that are shaking the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Asia and Eastern Europe, there is no shortage of subjects of concern for French political leaders in in charge of defence, public finance and industry. But while these files are managed in isolation today, a global vision would make it possible to consider solutions that meet all the needs and contextual requirements. Strengthening the French armies, a pressing need Although the Military Programming Law 2019-2025 has undeniably made it possible to stem the loss of capacity that has affected the French armies for more than…

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Covid-19: Singapore delays deliveries of submarines and helicopters, but continues defense modernization

According to Defense News, the Singapore Armed Forces recently made announcements about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their materiel acquisition programs. The main delays should concern the deliveries of new generation submarines and transport helicopters planned for this year, and which should be postponed by one or two years. The planning for the purchase of F-35B stealth combat aircraft would not, however, be impacted by the current crisis, for the moment. If the Asia-Pacific region was one of the first affected by the pandemic, the situation now seems to be almost back to normal in Singapore, which has been able to effectively manage the…

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In a tense international context, Airbus Helicopters still sells a few helicopters in Japan

For Airbus Helicopters, the only good news on the international market definitely seems to come from Japan. In recent months, the civilian helicopter market has suffered seriously from the collapse in the price of oil, which has led to the elimination of orders from the off-shore industry, but also from the global health crisis which has slowed down all branches of the aeronautical sector. A very serious situation which prompted the French government to recently announce advance orders for around twenty helicopters intended for the Air Force, the Gendarmerie and Civil Security. On the export market, however, the situation is particularly bleak, with very many cancellations of…

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Sikorsky offers its S-70i Armed Black Hawk in the Philippines and tries to revive the market for armed maneuver helicopters

Decidedly, the tiny Philippine market arouses all desires! In a previous article, we saw how the Americans Bell and Boeing were positioning themselves with radically different offers in order to replace at short notice the offer of the Turkish industrialist TAI. The winner of this commercial competition will thus be able to place half a dozen combat helicopters with the Philippine Air Force. If the Philippine ambitions seem modest, the contracts envisaged are still counted in the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, for American manufacturers, the Philippine market is above all seen as a showcase for the entire Asia-Pacific region, where…

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