The "British GPS" will probably never see the light of day

In 2018, when the UK's eviction from the Galileo program was announced due to Brexit, the strong reactions from the political class and the British government had ended ...

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The US Army strengthens the resistance of its units to GPS jamming

Access to the GPS signal has become one of the major challenges of electronic warfare between units on a battlefield. It not only allows you to ...

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The US Army wants to regain the advantage in electronic warfare

A stake in strategic competition for decades, electronic warfare is however little known except for a few handpicked specialists. While the infovalization of data and ...

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US Air Force wants to make GPS ammunition resistant to jamming

The US Air Force has just announced the award of a $ 10m contract to Lockheed-Martin to develop a new GPS seeker for its JASSM missile, for Joint Air-to-surface Standoff Missile, a missile ...

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Space: The “safe-zone” undermined

Recently, faced with the threat, France unveiled its new “offensive” space doctrine. But what threat are we talking about? “Earth” of windfall For a long time, the space domain remained out of reach ...

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The cyber security of Western satellites could be compromised

According to a report by the highly regarded British Think Tank Chatham House, the satellites used for Defense purposes by Western nations should all be considered as potentially compromised, ...

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