Does the Gripen E / F presented by Saab have the slightest chance in Canada?

This Monday, March 2, the Swedish industrialist Saab officially confirmed his candidacy for the Canadian invitation to tender aiming at the replacement of 88 F / A-18 Hornet combat aircraft (designated CF-188 locally). For…

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Finnish HX Program Manager discusses poor performance of Gripen and F-35 during tests

Interviewed by the Finnish website Kauppalehti, the HX program manager spoke the day before yesterday about the HX Challenge competition between the French Rafale, the American F-35 and F / A-18E, the…

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Germany cancels order of MQ-4C Triton drones in favor of Global 6000 aircraft

The news surprised even the most attentive observers of the PEGASUS (Persistent German Airborne Surveillance System) file. According to DefenseNews, citing official German sources, Berlin has reversed its decision to buy ...

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The United Arab Emirates orders 3 Airbus refueling aircraft A330 MRTT and 2 Saab GlobalEye

Good news for the European aerospace industry at the beginning of the Dubai Air Show 2019 show. The UAE air forces have indeed announced the order of 3 aircraft supply aircraft A330 ...

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