US Defense Industry Organizes To Expand Prototype Manufacturing

The group which brings together, in the United States, the defense industries of the country, the National Armaments Consortium, announced, in partnership with the Ordnance Technology Consortium of the Department of Defense and the Army Contracting Command of the US Army, the launch of an initiative aimed at accelerating and extending the conversion of defense research into prototypes. Concretely, the NAC intends to play the role of a central organization to facilitate and accelerate the financing of projects and the design of prototypes, so as to lighten the burden both for its members seeking funding from the Department of Defense, and for the DoD. …

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Is technologism the worst enemy of military efficiency?

Over the past 20 years, the US Army has spent more than $30 billion on programs that did not result in the production of operational equipment, in particular with the Comanche light attack and reconnaissance helicopter program , the Futur Combat system light armor renewal program, and the Bradleys Ground Combat Vehicle replacement program. While today it launched a vast modernization programme, made up of 6 branches ranging from the replacement of reconnaissance and maneuver helicopters, to the next generation of armored vehicles, including the infovaluation of the battlefield and the next generation of artillery equipment, the GAO (Government Accountability…

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