First launch of an MdCN cruise missile from the French submarine Suffren

The new Suffren nuclear attack submarine, the first unit of the eponymous class which will equip the French Navy instead of the Rubis class submarines in the years ...

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Will France lend the Alsace and Lorraine frigates to Greece?

According to information published by the Greek site, the meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, which will take place on September 10 ...

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The damaged French frigate Latouche-Tréville will be repaired despite its upcoming retirement

On January 11, we learned from the local press that the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville had suffered major damage on its main mast, forcing it to return to port. Having sailed from ...

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End cap for the FREMM ASM program

On the occasion of the end of the work on the 6ème FREMM anti-submarine warfare version at the Arsenal of Lorient, Naval Group announced that the ceremony marking the start of the ...

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The 6me FREMM, Normandy, begins its trials at sea.

Just one week after the entry into service of the frigate Bretagne, 5eme FREMM class unit, it is the turn of Normandy to begin its tests at sea.

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The frigates Adelaide, the anti-Belh @ rra plan of Lockheed in Greece

For many years, the Hellenic Navy has been seeking to acquire French vessels, first FREMM in FREDA version, then FTI, perhaps supported by Gowind2500 corvettes. And…

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The difficult equation of renewal of the Navy's buildings

Once again, the Navy is forced to juggle and extend the operational life of its buildings, pending the delivery of sensible buildings replaced. This time it is the turn of the nuclear attack submarine "Casabianca" to have to play extra time

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FREMM Brittany and Normandy will be equipped with Aster30

The last two representatives of the FREMM class, the Brittany and Normandy frigates, will receive vertical launch silos SYLVER50 (5 meters high) in place of the SYLVER43 (4m30 in height) of the preceding units, allowing the 2 French vessels to receive Aster30 missiles instead of Aster15 missiles.

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