Why are French ships often insufficiently equipped?

A few days ago, an article by Mer et Marine caused some media frenzy in the national defense sphere. He explained that the Bretagne frigate of the French Navy, an Aquitaine class ship, had seen its R-ECM jammers, equipment designed by Thales, and which allow the ship to jam the radars of ships but also anti-aircraft missiles. - opposing ships, withdrawn to equip the new frigate Lorraine. Indeed, only 7 batches of jammers have actually been ordered by the French Navy to equip its 8 FREMM frigates, leaving a ship permanently without these systems, which are nevertheless considered critical for…

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the French Navy?

The entry into service of the new Alsace frigate, which offers enhanced anti-aircraft capabilities while retaining the anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship warfare capabilities of the Aquitaine-class FREMMs, was rightly , hailed as an important step in the effort to modernize the French Navy. Many other programs are underway to support this effort, including the FDI defense and intervention frigates, the Suffren class nuclear attack submarines, the Jacques Chevallier class tanker tankers, the future Ocean Patrollers or again the SLAM-F Mines war program, all to enter service during…

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The FREMM anti-aircraft frigate Alsace joins active service in the French Navy

The new FREMM frigate with enhanced anti-aircraft capability Alsace officially entered service on Monday, November 22, according to a message published directly by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly. This ship replaces the anti-aircraft frigate Cassard withdrawn from service in March 2019, and allows the French Navy to now align 9 modern frigates, out of the 15 ships of this type which it must have according to the 2013 white paper and the Review Strategic of 2017. If the number is not there yet, waiting for the entry into service of its sister-ship Lorraine in 2022, then of the new Frigate of Defense and Intervention...

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The Alsace Air Defense FREMM joins the French Navy

To say it was expected would be an understatement. On Friday April 16, Naval Group delivered the Alsace Air Defense Frigate to the French Navy. In the coming months, it will take the place of the anti-aircraft frigate T70 Cassard withdrawn from service in 2019, leaving the French Navy with only 3 frigates dedicated to air escort missions for major units, such as the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , or the Mistral class Assault Helicopter Carriers. A second FREMM DA frigate is under construction in the Naval Group shipyards in Lorient, Lorraine, and is to be delivered next year to the French Navy...

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Alsace, Suffren, SLAM-F: The French Navy reveals its new operational face

Like the Army and the Air Force, the French Navy has been extremely stretched for many years, and has suffered from a chronic lack of investment to replace its naval units, which are nevertheless in the foreground. The arrival of the FREMM frigates, from 2012, made it possible to begin a process of modernization which, today, is in full swing, as shown by 3 major events that have occurred almost in quick succession in recent days, with the tests of the Alsace frigate, followed by the delivery of the Suffren submarine, and the official launch of the SLAM-F mine warfare program. The Alsace frigate is the first unit of the FREMM DA type,…

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First launch of an MdCN cruise missile from the French submarine Suffren

The new nuclear attack submarine Suffren, first unit of the eponymous class which will equip the French Navy instead of the Rubis class submarines in the years to come, carried out, on Tuesday, October 20, a first firing the MdCN Naval Cruise Missile developed by MBDA France, a missile which already equips the FREMM anti-submarine warfare frigates of the French Navy. According to the press release from the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the DGA, the firing went perfectly well, constituting a crucial stage in the development of the weapon system that the new French attack submarines will represent. The arrival of cruise missiles in the arsenal…

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The damaged French frigate Latouche-Tréville will be repaired despite its upcoming retirement

On January 11, we learned from the local press that the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville had suffered major damage to its main mast, forcing it to return to port. Having sailed from Brest just a few days earlier, the frigate would have faced particularly degraded weather conditions, with winds of nearly 120km/h and troughs exceeding 7m. The top of its mast would then have unhooked, and would have struck in its fall one of the two Syracuse III satellite antennas, as well as the Dagaie decoy launcher. Fortunately, the incident caused no injuries. The Latouche-Tréville is one of the last two F70 ASM type frigates in…

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The 6me FREMM, Normandy, begins its trials at sea.

Barely a week after the entry into service of the frigate Bretagne, 5th unit of the FREMM class, it is Normandy's turn to begin its sea trials. The FREMM Normandie is the 6th unit of the class of multi-mission frigates. Like Brittany, it will have sold off its 16 medium-range Aster 15 anti-aircraft missiles for long-range Aster-30 missiles, the same equipping the Forbin-class Horizon air defense frigates, and the 2 future Air Defense FREMMs, Alsace and Lorraine, which will enter service in 2021 and 2022 respectively. The Brittany and Normandy FREMMs retain…

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The frigates Adelaide, the anti-Belh @ rra plan of Lockheed in Greece

The Hellenic Navy has been trying to acquire French vessels for many years, first FREMMs in the FREDA version, then FTIs, perhaps supported by Gowind2500 corvettes. And it's been years that, faced with the country's financial difficulties, France has been unable to offer a satisfactory financial and industrial package to Athens. It is to the point that, for many French industrialists, Greece is no longer considered a potential partner, and we will therefore not be surprised by the information that Naval Group did not participate in the last working meeting. between the French and Greek authorities regarding a proposal…

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