Italy is giving itself the means but is struggling to find the military for its new defense ambitions

The increase in appropriations devoted to defense had been one of Giorgia Meloni's campaign commitments, with the stated ambition of bringing the Italian defense effort to 2% by the end of the decade, against 1,51 .2023% in XNUMX. And in fact, speaking to the Senate earlier this week, the now Prime Minister of the country confirmed that she intended to strictly apply her campaign commitments in this area, and this in a perfectly open manner. and assumed. She was referring here to the increase in the budget of the armies granted by the previous coalition which was done in the most discreet way possible, so as to...

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Faced with Fincantieri, Naval Group once again draws the FDI in Greece

The modernization of the Greek surface fleet is a critical subject for Athens. A little over a year ago, the Greek authorities announced the order of 3 FDI frigates from the French Naval Group with this in mind, as well as the start of a consultation for the local construction of 6 corvettes with anti-submarine capability. -Marine. Due to the defense agreement signed between Paris and Athens at the same time as the FDI and Rafale orders, many people considered that the Naval Group Gowind 2500 was the big favorite in this competition, especially since the corvette French offers excellent value for money and…

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Typhoon, FREMM, M-346: Italy would be close to signing a €12bn super-contract in Egypt

After several years of negotiations, Cairo would be close to concretizing the largest defense contract in its history, by ordering from Rome 24 Typhoon fighter planes, 4 FREMM frigates, 20 armed patrol boats, 20 M-346 training planes and a observation satellite, for an amount exceeding €12 billion. In the spring of 2020, Italy managed to take a predominant negotiating position in Egypt on the arms contract, on the ruins left by Paris after Emmanuel Macron, during an official visit to the Egyptian capital, questioning human rights issues in the country. Rome was on the…

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Competition rages on between Naval Group, Fincantieri and Damen for Greek corvettes

The competition for the construction and delivery of 5 corvettes for the Hellenic Navy could well be the repetition of the one that raged over the frigates, and which saw, finally, Athens arbitrate in favor of the Defense and Intervention Frigate or FDI Belharra of Naval Group last September, after two years of intense negotiations and sensational reversals. As before, despite the advanced discussions on this subject between the French manufacturer and the Greek authorities, the European and American competitors of Naval Group are determined not to facilitate the negotiations, with a lot of counter-proposals and…

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Indonesia formalizes an order for 6 FREMM frigates from Fincantieri

After the United States and Egypt, the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri achieves a new feat by signing an "Initial Contract" for the acquisition of 6 new FREMM frigates, as well as the transfer of two second-hand frigates from the Maestrale class which are soon to be retired from Italian Navy service. This is a dramatic new announcement from Jakarta within days as an equivalent contract was signed with Dassault Aviation for the acquisition of 36 Rafale fighter jets, simultaneously marking a remarkable effort by Jakarta to strengthen its naval air defense capabilities, as well as a renewed interest in equipment from…

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The Italian Navy will receive its new super-destroyers from 2028

For some years now, Italy has made no secret of its Mediterranean ambitions, as well as those in the field of shipbuilding. And the Italian naval unit construction plan presented in July 2019 was impressive, as it targeted a fleet consisting of an aircraft carrier, 3 to 5 assault helicopter carriers, 4 heavy destroyers including 2 new DDX units, 10 FREMM frigates (or 8 if the sale of 2 FREMM to Egypt is maintained) and 7 PPAs, 8 new generation corvettes, 8 AIP attack submarines and 12 warships of mines including 8 new buildings. This announcement was...

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US Navy wants to sell FFG / X frigates to all allies

The US Navy seems to have realized the real potential of the FREMM design used to design its next Constellation-class frigates, since such has been named the class of ships resulting from the FFG/X program. Indeed, Secretary of the Navy, Kenneth Braithwaite, declared that he planned to transform the program by taking inspiration from the "Joint Strike Fighter" program which gave birth to the F35, to make it the "Joint Strike Frigate", and sell these ships to all United States allied navies. This statement came as President Trump's Special Defense Advisor said the US Navy was going to need…

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Egypt confirms the acquisition of 2 FREMM frigates from Italy

While the majority of countries in the Middle Eastern theater have increased their Defense investments in recent years with a view to modernizing their armed forces, Egypt, for its part, is engaged in a profound evolution of its military means with a view to becoming a major regional power. It must be said that between the increase in the Iranian presence and support in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and the increase in the Turkish presence in Syria, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean, Cairo appears to be at the heart of the expansionist tendencies affecting the Middle East today. For this, the Egyptian authorities have signed several contracts in recent months...

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German shipbuilding industry consolidates around Lürssen and GNY Kiel, while TKMS approaches Fincantieri

Since the beginning of the year, the consolidation of the German naval defense industry has been one of Berlin's priorities, as we mentioned in a previous article. While many hypotheses were raised, it would finally seem that the consolidation of the German naval industry is taking place around the Lürssen group, based in Bremen, and the German Naval Yards shipyard in Kiel, a subsidiary of the international holding company Privinvest. This event then seems to isolate TKMS, a naval subsidiary of the giant ThyssenKrupp, which had sold its surface ship construction activities (and therefore GNYK) to Privinvest in 2011 in order to focus on submarines, retaining only…

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