With a new sale in Morocco, the Boeing AH-64 Apache confirms its status as a world best seller

The case had been going on for almost a year already. In 2019, following the purchase of new F-16s, the Kingdom of Morocco announced its intention to acquire AH-64 Apache combat helicopters ...

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MBDA demonstrates the performance of its Mistral 3 missile against drones

In the end, nothing wants a real demonstration! It is essentially on this paradigm that MBDA has relied to organize, the 6 November 2019, a demonstration in real fire ...

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General Dynamics presents the first IM-SHORAD for close-to-air protection of US forces

In recent years, American armies have made a specialty of programs launched in emergency to fill an important operational failure. This was the case for the modernization of ...

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US Permits Sale of 108 Abrams Tanks to Taiwan and Raises Beijing's Anger

Geopolitical tensions are not lacking today. Between the tensions between Westerners and Iran in the Middle East concerning the resumption of uranium enrichment by Tehran, the delivery ...

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All-Purpose Strengthening of US Army SHORAD Capabilities

Western armies, particularly those of NATO, have traditionally relied heavily on the air-defense of their land units for the assurance of air superiority ...

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Taiwan wants to order for 2 Md $ US tanks and missiles

The Taiwanese government has sent US authorities a request to authorize the order of 108 M1A2 battle tanks, 1240 TOW anti-tank missiles, 409 Javelin infantry anti-tank missiles, and ...

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