US Navy wants to sell FFG / X frigates to all allies

The US Navy seems to have realized the real potential of the FREMM design used to design its next Constellation-class frigates, since such was named the class of…

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The United States returns to the attack to sell frigates to Greece

Decidedly, the United States seems determined to keep Athens in its nets when it comes to defense equipment. Indeed, according to the Defense News site, the US authorities have once again ...

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Submarines, light aircraft carriers, robotic ships .. the US Navy details its upcoming format

What was until now only a supported hypothesis has now taken on the stature of a long-term project. Indeed, Mark Esper, the US Secretary of Defense, detailed yesterday ...

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The future American frigates will be Italian FREMMs, and will profoundly disrupt the capabilities of the US Navy

We were talking about it at the end of last week: the design of the Italian FREMM was in an excellent position to win the FFG / X tender from the US Navy, initially planned to be successful ...

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FINCANTIERI's FREMM in excellent position in the FFG / X competition for the US Navy

As we wrote two days ago, the decision regarding the first installment of the US Navy FFG / X Next Generation Missile Frigate Program must be presented ...

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The US Department of Defense wants to withdraw 2 aircraft carriers from the US Navy

We have echoed this widely here, the planning of the US Navy in terms of shipbuilding in the years to come today faces…

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