Why are French ships often insufficiently equipped?

A few days ago, an article by Mer et Marine caused some media frenzy in the national defense sphere. He explained that the Bretagne frigate of the French Navy, an Aquitaine class ship, had seen its R-ECM jammers, equipment designed by Thales, and which allow the ship to jam the radars of ships but also anti-aircraft missiles. - opposing ships, withdrawn to equip the new frigate Lorraine. Indeed, only 7 batches of jammers have actually been ordered by the French Navy to equip its 8 FREMM frigates, leaving a ship permanently without these systems, which are nevertheless considered critical for…

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The new FDI frigates of the French Navy less well armed than expected

The ceremony for laying the keel of the first Defense and Intervention Frigate, or FDI, of the French Navy, was held on December 16 at the Naval Group site in Lorient. Baptized Amiral Ronarc'h, this first frigate of an eponymous class of 5 ships which will enter service between 2025 and 2030, will weigh 4500 tonnes and be 122m long, will be one of the pillars of the renewal of the surface fleet of the Navy. And if it will carry many new capabilities for the French Navy, such as the Thales Seafire 500 active plate antenna radar which offers…

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Greece signs Letter of Intent for 2 frigates and 6 used mine hunters with the Netherlands

During the broad consultation carried out for Athens to acquire new frigates as part of the modernization of the Hellenic Navy, two offers seemed to stand out from the lot, the FDI Belharra from Naval Group, finally chosen by Athens, and the Sigma 15515 from the Dutch Lady. In addition to the qualities of the Dutch frigate, Amsterdam proposed the transfer of its two Karel Doorman class frigates as a temporary solution. However, these ships had, in the eyes of the Hellenic Navy, a much higher interest than the two Type 70 frigates that Paris proposed to offer to Athens if the latter were to choose the FDI. Eventually he…

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Negotiations for Gowind 2500 corvettes built in Greece to advance rapidly

When we have followed with pain the most often biased and devoid of material comments concerning the Shortfin Barracuda submarine program in the Australian press, follow the reactions of the Greek press about the announcement of the choice of the FDI Belh@ frigates rra for the modernization of the country's fleet, is more than refreshing, as the enthusiasm overflows from press articles and comments from the Greeks themselves. We also learn, at the turn of a paragraph, that the Naval Group frigate had received, by far, the best rating from the Higher Council of the Hellenic Navy, leaving few chances to…

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Configuration, planning .. More details on the Greek frigates FDI HN

The announcement made by Greek Prime Minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis and French President Emmanuel Macron on September 18 about the new alliance formed by France and Greece, as well as orders for 3 FDI frigates and 6 Rafale aircraft, was certainly significant. 'a high political reach, but she was also stingy with details. It was therefore necessary to wait for the intervention this morning of Hervé Grandjean, the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Armed Forces, to find out more about this subject. And this time, the details were numerous, especially in terms of the configuration of the Hellenic frigates, but also concerning the delivery schedule, and its influence...

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Greece would be close to ordering 3 FDI frigates and 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes from the French Naval Group

After the painful Australian episode, to say that the French Naval Group needed good news to restore its image would be an understatement. It seems that this good news is close to arriving, if we are to believe the most active accounts on the social networks of the Hellenic peninsula in this area, since according to several of them, Athens and Paris have managed to an agreement for the acquisition of 3 FDI Belh@rra frigates, as well as, and this is a surprise, 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes, accompanied by an industrial and strategic partnership including, as you might expect, the local construction of part of the ships. However, you have to take…

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Greek Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis confirms new order for 6 Rafale

Just a year ago, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced the order for 18 Rafale fighter planes from France, including 12 second-hand taken from the Air Force fleet and the 'Space, for an amount of €2 billion. While the first aircraft, upgraded to F3R standard, was officially transferred to the Hellenic Air Force in July, the latter has just announced, during a speech given at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, the order of 6 additional aircraft, in order to bring the Greek fleet to 24 aircraft, thus meeting the expectations expressed by…

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FDI Belh @ rra remains the most effective choice for Greece

The competition is raging in Athens as the Greek authorities announced that they would decide on the winner of the competition for the acquisition of 2+2 new frigates before the end of the summer. A few days ago, London announced that it was ready to give up 2 of its Type 23 frigates for free if Athens compromised in favor of Babcock's Arrowhead 140 model, while Fincantieri presented its offer on the basis of the FREMM Bergamini accompanied by two Maestrale class frigates, and that the Netherlands offered their two Karel Doorman class frigates alongside the Sigma 11515 HN…

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Greece to prepare to order 6 additional Rafale

“A combat squadron consists of 18 aircraft, but a good combat squadron has 24 aircraft”. This is how a Greek military source specific to the file presented Greece's forthcoming intention to order 6 additional Rafales from France for the 332nd Hellenic fighter squadron, which has already sent 6 pilots to Mont-de- Marsan to begin their transformation on the French aircraft. On the basis of the current contract for the acquisition of 18 Rafales to the F3R standard, including 6 new aircraft and 12 taken from the Air and Space Force fleet, Athens estimates the amount of the…

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