Naval Group unveils its measures to deal with Covid-19 and the crises looming in the coming years

In France, the measures of confinement and social distancing imposed by the coronavirus epidemic affect almost all companies. Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a…

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The damaged French frigate Latouche-Tréville will be repaired despite its upcoming retirement

On January 11, we learned from the local press that the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville had suffered major damage on its main mast, forcing it to return to port. Having sailed from ...

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The Greek Navy lacks options to strengthen its surface component

For several years, the Greek authorities have consulted widely throughout the world in order to acquire second-hand frigates, in order to strengthen the surface component of its navy of…

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Muscular confrontation between the Greek and Turkish air forces

Obviously, Turkey has underestimated the fighting spirit of the Greeks. The Greek air forces responded yesterday Tuesday 10 December, to 3 massive intrusions of Turkish aircraft in the control zone ...

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SDAM Naval UAV Program Moves Forward, But Planning Contains Significant Shadow Areas

The first flight of the demonstrator VSR700 was done on November 8 2019 by Airbus. The Military Programming Act (2019 - 2025) provides for the first deliveries from 2028.

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No Destroyer Arleigh Burke for the Greek Navy

What a reversal of situation! (Sarcasm) On the occasion of a press briefing between the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Navy, Nikos Tsounis, and the journalists of the defense sphere of ...

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New US offensive against French IDF in Greece

According to the Ptizi Defense website, the United States would be willing to transfer 2 destroyers of the Arleigh Burke class to the Hellenic Navy in 2020 (version translated here in English) ...

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The standard of the FDI frigates is finalized, and it is remarkable!

The signing on October 10 of a letter of intent between Athens and Paris for the acquisition of two frigates FDI (Frigate Defense and Intervention), most likely the construction of two ...

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