The hypothesis of a Chinese J-35 naval fighter derived from the FC-31 becomes clearer

Just a year ago, the Chinese authorities hinted that their future aircraft carriers equipped with catapults would implement a naval version of the J-20 fighter which ...

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China's next 80.000-tonne aircraft carrier to enter service in 2025

While the second Chinese aircraft carrier, and the first ship of this type entirely designed and manufactured in China, entered service this week under the christening name "Shandong",…

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Chinese manufacturer Shenyang develops new stealth hunter

According to a report published on the company's WeChat account, the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Shenyang, which builds, among other things, the J-11 fighters derived from Su-27, J-16 derived from Su-30…

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J-20 stealth fighter to equip future CATOBAR aircraft carriers

While the FC31 Gyrfalcon was presented as the device selected by the Chinese Navy to equip its future aircraft carriers with catapults, several pieces of information are now pointing towards the design of a ...

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US intelligence estimates that China would develop a third generation 5e fighter

This is information that will not surprise the regulars of Defense Analysis. In its report to the Congress on China, the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, considers likely the ...

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5 aircraft carrier and 5eme generation aircraft for the Chinese Navy in 2030

Recent satellite photos have shown that work on the construction of the first copy of the new class of Chinese aircraft carriers, this time with catapult and stopping strands ...

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