Facing Congress, US Air Force calls for more 15-EX, but no F35A

In the United States, the annual defense budget is certainly proposed by the administration in place, but it is above all decided and broken down by Congress, and not the executive. Of…

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The pro and anti-F35 clash through media in the United States

The times are good for the American defense media. Indeed, after the US Air Force, and in secret the Pentagon, expressed their aspirations to reduce the volume ...

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The US Air Force wants to get rid of its first F35As

Decidedly, the US Air Force now has a hard tooth against the F35. After letting it leak out that she intended to lower the number of F35As that she will order from 48 to 43 units ...

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US Air Force begins resistance and wants to reduce F35A orders by 10%

We know that the US Air Force is more and more reluctant towards the plan which initially planned to acquire more than 1700 F35As to replace its fleet of F16s, ...

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The program of the future NGAD fighter of the US Air Force will be the antithesis of the F35 (1/2)

For a little over 3 years, the program initially intended to design the air superiority fighter to replace the F22, the Next Generation Air Dominance or NGAD, has been ...

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The US Air Force foresees a future with 5 fighter models, but without F22

A few months ago, the future of the US Air Force, at least in its official strategy, boiled down to 2 aircraft for its hunting component: ...

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Does the political power of the F-35 program make it unshakeable?

In recent weeks, the F-35 program had come under the wrath of some American parliamentarians, who criticized it for its excessive price, especially in terms of maintenance, and its unreliability ...

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The new Finnish fighter plane will be chosen after a wargame

The HX competition to replace the F / A 18 Hornets of the Finnish Air Force is nearing its end, while all the proposals of the 5 manufacturers involved, Boeing with…

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