Is South Korea's New KF-21 Boramae a Successful Joint Strike Fighter?

Only twelve years after carrying out the first risk analysis, and less than two years after starting its assembly, the first prototype of the KF-21 combat aircraft program ...

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With the Vixen, the Royal Navy studies the use of a versatile on-board combat drone

Obviously, the ambition to equip the aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales with a catapult and stopper strands to implement combat drones is taking…

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UK to order more F35Bs in coming years

Ahead of the publication of the new Integrated Strategic Review, many rumors circulated about the arbitrations that will be led by the Johnson government, to redefine the format ...

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The US Air Force backs off and reiterates its allegiance to the F35 program .. according to Lockheed

"The F35 is and remains the cornerstone of the US Air Force today and tomorrow." This is how General Charles Q. Brown presented the F35 program on occasion at ...

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The Royal Navy wants a catapult and stop strands on its aircraft carriers

Since the aircraft carrier HMS Bulwark entered service in 1959, Great Britain has no longer designed aircraft carriers equipped with catapults and stop wires, capable of implementing ...

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The costs and performance of the F35 are the target of the Defense Committee of the House of Representatives

"I want us to stop throwing our money into this particular bottomless hole." This is how the Democratic representative from Washington, and also chairman of the Committee ...

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