Are F35, Su57 and J20 really a generation ahead of the Rafale and the Typhoon?

Very often, when it comes to comparing devices like the F35, Su-57 and J-20 to European devices like the Rafale, the Typhoon or even the JAS39 Gripen,…

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Japan unveils future FX fighter… and raises many questions

Last December, the Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) changed the name of its fighter jet program from "Future Fighter" to "FX", symbolically marking the start of ...

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The US Air Force will radically change its planning for the development and acquisition of its combat aircraft

In an interview with, US Air Force acquisitions director Will Roper said the US Air Force was about to announce the 1er next October.

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The availability of 5G aircraft from the US Air Force still problematic

While the US Air Force completes deployments in Europe of some of its forces as part of Exercise Rapid Forge, the availability figures of its devices question ...

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The US Air Force denies an interest in anything other than the F-35

While the two major US manufacturers, Boeing and Lockheed had both released on a new aircraft to reinforce the F-22 and F-35 deficiencies, the US Air Force, through the voice of its Secretary of State, Heather Wilson, denied being interested in any of the two devices on offer.

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A first vision of the Korean hunter project KF-X

Like Japan, and Turkey, South Korea has launched its own combat aircraft program on the spectrum of the 4 / 5eme generation. Intended to come into service around 2030, the Korean KF-X project is based on a low radar image cell, but does not have an internal weapon bay, which positions it more in the 4,5 generation than in the 5eme generation.

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Lockheed proposes a new fighter in Japan

While the Trump administration is putting significant pressure on the Japanese government of Shinzo Abe, in order to compensate for the United States' trade deficit with Japan by ordering ...

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