Boeing's Super Hornet leaves Canadian competition through the back door

For the past ten years, Lockheed-Martin's F-35 Lighting II has won in all the competitions in which it has participated. If the conditions for these victories are often subject ...

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Will the F-35 hypothesis reappear in Germany?

The new ruling coalition in Germany published yesterday the coalition agreement which constitutes the global contract around which the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals have agreed ...

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Eurofighter Typhoon still has chances against F-35A in Spain

Yesterday Thursday, November 4, the Spanish authorities officially sent a request for information (RFI) to the American Foreign Military Sales, the body overseeing arms exports to the allies of the United States, ...

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The new Finnish fighter plane will be chosen after a wargame

The HX competition to replace the F / A 18 Hornets of the Finnish Air Force is nearing its end, while all the proposals of the 5 manufacturers involved, Boeing with…

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Why is the US Air Force pulling away from the F-35 now?

As we saw in our article "The US Air Force could develop a new fighter to replace its F16" of February 18, the US Air Force distances itself from the…

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Indonesia wants to build an air force of 170 fighters in the coming years

In recent months, Indonesia's defense procurement and communications strategy has been viewed chaotically, to say the least. Indeed, the country, which ...

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US denies sale of F35 to Indonesia paving way for Su-35s

The modernization of the Indonesian air force looks more and more like a television soap opera, as the twists are numerous. While Jakarta entered into negotiations with Viennes in…

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