The US Air Force requests competitive bids for the F-15EX Advanced Eagle engines

Faced with the delays and operational limitations of the F-35 (particularly in terms of range and payload), the American air force seems particularly attached to replacing its older ones…

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Israeli air force to deactivate F-16 squadron to make room for new fighter jets

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that one of the Air Force F-16C / D (IAF) squadrons would be deactivated in October 2020. This announcement follows the publication…

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USAF begins testing the EPAWSS electronic warfare system on its F-15E Strike Eagle fighter-bombers

On April 14, the USAF announced that tests had started in an anechoic chamber for an F-15E Strike Eagle equipped with the new electronic warfare suite EPAWSS (Eagle Passive / Active…

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Qatar prepares to boost air power after first F-15QA flight

According to the Qatari Defense Ministry, the first of 15 F-2017QA Advanced Eagle aircraft ordered from Boeing in 13 made its first flight on April XNUMX at the factory ...

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130 US Congressmen Call for 24% Increase in F-35 Orders

As every year, the Pentagon publishes its forecast budget for the following fiscal year, to be approved by the United States Congress. This subject has already been discussed extensively in our lines, and ...

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What really happened to the F-35s deployed in Finland?

In a previous article, we returned to the words of the Finnish HX Program Manager, Lauri Puranen, who commented on the problems encountered by the F-35 in the context of…

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Between F15 and F35, Israel chooses the 2!

Despite a public deficit of around 3,8% in 2019, the Israeli military authorities have announced two new orders for combat aircraft, to equip a new squadron of F35i and…

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By offering its F-15EX to the Indian Air Force, Boeing blurs its strategic positioning in India

According to FlightGlobal, the American aircraft manufacturer plans to offer its heavy fighter F-15EX to the Indian Air Force (IAF) as part of its future tender for 110 new fighters, the…

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