60% of Germans want increased cooperation with France on the international scene

Sometimes studies deliver results that surprise their sponsors. Thus a study carried out jointly by the American Think tank Pew Research Center in Washington DC, and the Think…

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The French proposal for an extended deterrence displeases the United States as in Europe

The proposal made by French President Emmanuel Macron during a speech on developments in French deterrence, and its possible extension to the European level, is for…

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President E. Macron lays the foundations for a renewed French defense strategy

The speech delivered this morning by French President Emmanuel Macron to the interns of the School of War, was expected by the national Defense community, but also European. And the…

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The 10 articles published in 2019 not to miss according to the editorial Meta-Defense

After the 10 most viewed articles in 2019 by readers, here is the selection of the 10 articles published by Meta-Defense in 2019 that you absolutely must read or re-read ...

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European Defense Agency sounds the alarm: investments in military research have stalled

Despite an overall increase in total defense spending in Europe since 2014, the European Defense Agency (EDA) underlines in its latest report a decrease considered "worrying" in equipment purchases ...

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For Warsaw, the future of European defense depends on Washington

The US Defense news site Defensenews.com asked several personalities in the Western defense environment to express their vision and expectations for the coming decade. Among them is ...

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Why has no European government approved President Macron's statement about NATO?

The sentence of President E. Macron pronounced during an interview given to the British economic site "The Economist", according to which the alliance was now in a state of brain death, made great ...

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