Chinese carrier Awacs KJ-600 aircraft made its first flight

If there is one area in which the rise of the Chinese military tool impresses Westerners, it is in that of long-term resource planning. In…

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USA clears sale of Hawkeye E-2D radar planes for French Navy

Last Monday, the US State Department announced that it had authorized the export of $ 7,5 billion in military equipment to several countries around the world, including Israel, Lithuania, Argentina and…

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Cooperative engagement: a nuclear submarine designates a target for the benefit of the Rafale fighter from the French aircraft carrier

Since leaving Toulon on January 22, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has been very busy in the Mediterranean and then in the North Atlantic, as we had already mentioned in our…

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These technologies which will be able to detect an F35 from 2030

Since the use of the F117 during the first Gulf War, in 1991, stealth is considered to be the essential characteristic of a fighter plane, to be able to…

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Japanese self-defense maritime force: sketch of a redesign of Izumo aircraft carrier CATOBAR?

A Twitter photo of a presentation stamped General Atomics Electromagnetic (Systems) depicts the silhouette of the JS Izumo helicopter destroyer (2015) converted into a Catapult Assisted Take-Off Barrier Arrested ...

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The F-35B is (finally) "Combat Prooven", but is it efficient?

That's it ! Three years after officially reaching the first level of its operational capability, the F35-B, the short and vertical take-off and landing version of the Lockheed aircraft, made the 27 its first wartime mission in September, carrying out a bombardment in Afghanistan for the benefit of ground troops.

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Why is the question of the second aircraft carrier still being postponed to the next term of office?

Since the withdrawal of the service of the Foch aircraft carrier, in 2000, the Navy has only one such vessel. In fact, she is unable to provide ...

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Will Awacs E7 and E8 be the last representatives of this type of device?

Advanced aerial sensing aircraft, known as AWACS, have been indispensable tools of NATO air power since the 70 years. Able to detect devices ...

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