Investment funds, Private Banking: How to boost and safeguard the BITD on national soil?

In a previous article entitled "Can we create a private investment fund to guarantee national sovereignty", we discussed the value of a private and civic approach, based on a call for…

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How can the European Commission act in favor of the defense of Europeans today?

By the voice of its Commissioner for Industrial, Digital, Interior and Defense Affairs, Thierry Breton, the new European Commission of Ursula Van der Leyen has defined important ambitions for this…

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The Bundestag validates the first phase of the SCAF with many reservations

The vote of the Bundestag, the German parliament, in favor of funding the first phase aimed at developing the demonstrator of the Future Air Combat System program, or ...

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Why is the European Defense Fund budget threatened?

On February 20, the heads of state of the European Union will have to decide on the budget allocated to the European Defense Fund, and on the proposal made by the Finnish presidency ...

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The 10 articles published in 2019 not to miss according to the editorial Meta-Defense

After the 10 articles most read in 2019 by readers, here is the selection of the 10 articles published by Meta-Defense in 2019 that you absolutely must read or reread ...

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Is Eurodrone really more expensive than the General Atomics MQ-9B Skyguardian?

We may well be heading for an economic nonsense of which only Europeans have the secret. Indeed, according to the article by journalist Vincent Lamigeon, very well…

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Nexter's VBCI contract in Qatar for 2 billion euros would be in jeopardy

According to Michel Cabirol, the specialist in defense issues at the La Tribune economic site, the contract for the acquisition of 490 Armored Infantry Combat Vehicles by Qatar, announced ...

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The format of the French Armies is too weak according to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces

The format of the French armies today results from two master documents, namely the White Paper of 2013, ordered by President Hollande after his election and published in 2014, ...

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