Beijing deploys carrier to Taiwan as US Air Force unveils long-range strike capabilities

This weekend, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and his escort left Chinese waters to head to the waters of the Pacific, off the east coast of Taiwan.…

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U.S. air ambitions unveiled in budget 2021

Each year, the Pentagon publishes a budget proposal serving as the basis for its strategy of means and the development of American doctrine. For fifteen years, debates ...

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Germany cancels order of MQ-4C Triton drones in favor of Global 6000 aircraft

The news surprised even the most attentive observers of the PEGASUS (Persistent German Airborne Surveillance System) file. According to DefenseNews, citing official German sources, Berlin has reversed its decision to buy ...

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Acquisition of the MQ-9 SkyGuardian system by Australia: pursuit of the American “pivot” strategy or affirmation of the country's regional aims?

Since 2016 Australia has been pursuing the most pro-active rearmament policy in Western countries. Regarded as the permanent US "aircraft carrier" of the South Pacific, Australia seems to want to pursue a policy of empowerment ...

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