India begins construction of 464 new T-90SK "Bhishma" heavy tanks

In 2019, the Indian authorities had signed, with Russia, the extension of the license to build T-90 tanks by the Indian defense industry, with the authorization to build…

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With the SMX 3.0 submarine model, Naval Group takes the big game to win in India

At the DEFEXPO show in India, Naval Group exposed its SMX 3.0 concept and, in doing so, lifted the veil on what its proposal for the program could be…

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Budget cuts hamper Indian Navy modernization against China

To cope with the very rapid rise in power of the navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, which will go from 330 surface vessels and 67 submarines today,…

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Naval Group in a strong position for the P75i program of AIP submarines in India

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), that is to say the Indian DGA, let slip 3 December 2019 as the national program for the development of an independent propulsion system ...

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The Indian Army wants to acquire 200 infantry fighting vehicles

As tensions with Pakistan continue to grow, the Indian Army launches a procedure to acquire 200 infantry fighting vehicles to "hold the line" in the face of ...

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