The US Navy offers 3 options for the future of its naval force

For many years, US Navy shipbuilding planning has been chaotic to say the least, with successive plans and objectives diverging, sometimes even contradicting. The subject is also the subject of fierce opposition between Republican senators and representatives, supporters of a massive fleet, and their Democratic counterparts who wish to keep the defense budget under control. Beyond the sometimes fanciful ambitions presented in recent years, and the many tussles that have opposed the Pentagon to American parliamentarians, particularly regarding the withdrawal of certain buildings, it was therefore necessary for the US Navy to present a coherent strategy...

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Chinese Armies Experiment With Weapons Designed To Destroy Ports

In order to counter the rise of the Chinese armies, the Pentagon has decided to rely on smaller, more mobile and better interconnected units via the now well-known Joint All-Domain Command and Control doctrine, or JADC2. This doctrine makes it possible in particular to reduce the risks of massive strikes against large gatherings of forces, while maintaining a very significant capacity for concentration of fire and coordination of forces. But this one suffers from a weakness, a much more fragmented logistics, and therefore cumbersome and complex. Thus, in a theater like the Western Pacific, each of the US detachments having taken position on…

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By cloning XQ-98A Valkyrie drone, China highlights weakness in US strategy

In a tweet posted Sept. 29, Acting Under Secretary of the Army Christopher Lowman marveled at the operational superiority the U.S. armed forces will have on the battlefield in the near future when F- 35, drones and cruise missiles will simultaneously strike targets engaged by US ground troops using precision long-range munitions, all thanks to a constant, real-time exchange of information from all units, and advances in Artificial Intelligence. It obviously refers to the Joint All-Domain doctrine which today represents the pivot of the strategy...

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For its leaders, the US Air Force must move quickly or lose to China

If anyone still had doubts, the United States and its armies are actively preparing for a possible confrontation, and only one, against China. And to do so, the US Air Force will not only have to mobilize all its resources, but also quickly evolve, otherwise it may well not be able to give US and allied forces the essential advantage to stand up to the armed forces. from Beijing. At least that's what several of the world's premier air force leaders said, with remarkable synchronicity, at the annual Air Force Association's Air, Space &…

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The US Army will experiment with 107 new technologies during the Convergence 2021 project

Like the US Navy and the US Air Force, the US Army simultaneously develops several hundred Research and Development programs with often very disparate ambitions and schedules. And like its counterparts, it must validate its cooperative capabilities in application of the new Joint All-Domain Command and Control doctrine, or JADC2, which frames the strategic and tactical evolution of American military operations in the years and decades to come. To do this, since last year it has been organizing a major exercise every autumn, called the "Convergence Project", specifically intended to validate the cooperative capacities of some of its programs, as well as to assess their operational added value...

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