With SCORPION, the French Army revolutionizes its combat capabilities in contact

Among the main European defense programs, the French SCORPION program unquestionably holds a very special place. Truly structuring, it provides for nothing less than in-depth modernization not only of the equipment but also of the doctrines of the Army's tactical units. Open since 2018 to a certain form of European cooperation, via the Belgian CaMo program, the SCORPION program (Synergie du COntact Reinforced par la Versatility et l'Info valorisatiON) provides for the development of several new vehicles, the renovation of equipment, but also and above all the implementation of an infovalorized combat system, the SICS, which will propel the French Army and…

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4 new refueling nacelles for Rafale Marine

The Directorate General of Armaments indicated that it had ordered 4 additional refueling pods, in addition to the 12 initially ordered, intended to equip the Rafale M for refueling missions. This capacity, inherited from the Modernized Super-Etendard, allows a Rafale to transfer 2 tons of fuel to an aircraft (another Rafale), 700 km from the aircraft carrier, thus extending the range and/or the time on refueled camera lens. This capability is increasingly critical today, with the development of the range and accuracy of anti-ship missiles in coastal battery, forcing the aircraft carrier to operate more and more…

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For the DGA, it is important to rebuild relations with industry

Joëlle Barre, the General Delegate for Armaments, spoke about the development of relations between the DGA and manufacturers during her hearing in the Senate. According to him, if indeed efforts must be made to improve the administrative processing of orders on the part of the State and the DGA, it is also up to manufacturers to "take their responsibilities", particularly with regard to respecting deadlines and cost overruns, based on the examples of the A400m and the Barracuda. The DGA's approach is certainly argued, but it is also questionable. Indeed, for each example of budget overruns or deadlines of the…

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