China will put stealth drones on its aircraft carriers

China will present at the Zhuhai Air Show next November its first UCAV or Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle, combat drone, operable from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Presented under the name "Caihong-X", this drone would be stealthy, like the French Neuron, or the American Stingray, and would be capable of being implemented by electromagnetic catapults. It should be noted that photos had circulated on Twitter showing this same drone using a springboard comparable to that of the first two Chinese aircraft carriers, which do not have a catapult. Today in China there are no less than 5 official programs for stealth combat drones,…

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Resumption of the Franco-British combat drone program FCAS

UK Under-Secretary of Defense Guto Bebb has announced the resumption of work to design and manufacture a stealth combat drone by 2030. The Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle or UCAV) was a key element of the Lancaster Accords, but following the Brexit vote, it was shelved. In addition, the British wanted details about the Franco-German new generation fighter project. The combat drone program is strategic for the French and British air forces. Based on stealth technologies different from those used by the…

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