N ° 8 Top 2021: SCAF, MGCS… Will the new European military equipment arrive too late?

Article from November 29, 2021, N ° 8 of the TOP 2021 with 32.000 unique readings In an interview given to the lesecho.fr site, Franck Haun, CEO of the KNDS group which brings together German ...

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Can France and Europe get back into the MALE drone race thanks to NEURON?

To say that France, and Europe in general, lacked a sense of the arrival of drones, and in particular Medium Altitude Long Endurance or MALE combat drones, like the…

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Russian S-70 Okhotnik stealth combat drone tested with air-to-air missiles

Westerners often have the unfortunate habit of plastering their own tactical and strategic views on the armies and equipment of other countries. This is how many military experts and commentators ...

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Will the Remote Carrier drone from the SCAF program be at the heart of the Rafale F5 standard?

If the Rafale fighter plane from Dassault Aviation is a robust and efficient device in many areas, whether it is air-to-air combat or very low penetration ...

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Is it too late for the NEURON?

On December 1, 2012, the first European-made combat drone, the NEURON, took to the air for the first time from Istres air base 125, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, to ...

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20 programs to strengthen the armies and preserve the French industrial fabric

Between the health and economic crisis linked to the Covid19 virus, and the security crises shaking the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Asia and Eastern Europe, the subjects of concern do not ...

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A player hitherto discreet in terms of stealth, Airbus comes out of the woods

This is really the big surprise of the beginning of the week. By unveiling the Low Observable UAV Testbed (LOUT), a stealth aircraft demonstrator, classified and initiated a decade earlier, Airbus is releasing…

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