Russia announces the start of construction work for 6 new ships, including 2 submarines and a corvette

Russian news agency Tass announced the start of construction work for 6 new warships in Russian shipyards on June 12, including 2 conventionally powered Lada-class submarines (Project 677), a corvette from the Gremyashchiy class (Pr 20385), two research vessels (Pr 03182R) and an Alexandrit class mine hunter (pr 12700). It has now become a form of tradition, Moscow announced on June 12 a new military shipbuilding batch of 6 ships in Russian shipyards. Thus, two new Lada-class conventionally powered submarines, already named Vologda and…

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Russian military naval production now surpasses Europe

On August 23, President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the construction of 6 new ships for the Russian military fleet during his visit to the ARMY-2021 exhibition which is being held at Patriot Park in the suburbs of Moscow. Thus, these are 2 new nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines of the Borei-A class, 2 conventionally powered Project 636.3 improved Kilo submarines and 2 light frigates whose exact model has not been announced (22380 or 22385 ) which will be built at the shipyards of Severodvinsk, St. Petersburg and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In recent months, Vladimir Putin has become accustomed to this type of announcement concerning…

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What are modern Corvettes worth?

During the Second World War, corvettes were ships of limited tonnage, 1000 tons for the very prolific Flower class of the Royal Navy, intended to escort convoys against underwater threats and secure the coasts. Over the years, corvettes disappeared from the majority of large modern navies, replaced by heavier and more versatile frigates or less expensive missile patrol boats, while the threat on the coasts faded and that anti-submarine warfare needs were dealt with more by the submarines themselves, and maritime patrol aircraft. However, in recent years,…

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Russia orders 6 new corvettes for the Pacific fleet

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, via the TASS agency, a new order for corvettes of the 20380 family, in order to strengthen and modernize the Pacific fleet between 2024 and 2028. Two of these ships will be Steregushchiy class corvettes of project 20380, while the 4 others will be of the Gremyashchiy class of project 20385, in both cases ships with significant firepower, and able to significantly strengthen Russian naval capabilities on its Pacific coast. The Steregushchiy class corvettes, 6 of which are already in service with the Baltic fleets and…

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NATO re-invests the North Atlantic against Russia

In 1986, the writer Tom Clancy and his sidekick Larry Bond, to whom we owe the famous naval simulation game Harpoon, published the novel “Red Storm Rising”, in French “Tempête Rouge”. The fascinating story presented in the book addresses, in particular, the key role for NATO that Iceland represented in the potential mastery of the North Atlantic to maintain a logistical flow between the United States and Europe in the event of a conflict with the Soviet Union. The novel so marked the minds that NATO decided to strengthen its presence on the Icelandic air base of Keflavik, by permanently deploying a squadron of F15 fighters. After…

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The test campaign of Russian 3M22 Tzirkon hypersonic anti-ship missile accelerates

Obviously, the Russian Navy is eager to implement the 3M22 Tzirkon hypersonic anti-ship missile intended to replace the P700 supersonic missiles on part of its underwater and surface units. Indeed, according to the state news agency Tass, the state test campaign, which still requires a dozen launches, will be held between 2020 and 2021, suggesting an entry into service for the second half of 2021, or the beginning of 2022. By way of comparison, the validation tests of the P800 Onyx supersonic anti-ship missile took place over nearly 5 years. According to an unnamed source, the campaign…

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Will Russia take over the Western fleets with the Tsirkon missile?

According to the Tass agency citing sources close to the North-Western Federal Defense District, Russia will conduct a new test of the 3M22 Tsirkon hypersonic anti-ship missile before the end of the year. According to several statements by Russian officials made this year, including Vladimir Putin himself, the Tsirkon missile will soon equip Gremyashchiy corvettes of project 20385, Udaloy destroyers after modernization (the example given is the destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov being modernized) , as well as the Antey submarines of the project 949-A. In reality, designed to be able to be launched from the same silo as that which allows the long cruise missiles to be fired…

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