The firepower of Israel's new Saar 6 corvette is second to none

The Israeli Navy has never been a priority for the HQ of the Hebrew State. Today, its offshore fleet is limited to 3 corvettes of 1000 tons Sa'ar 5 acquired from…

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Germany chooses the Dutch Damen to build its new frigates

The German authorities have announced that they have selected the Dutch shipyards Damen, in partnership with the German Blohm + Voss and Thales Netherlands to design and build the 4 heavy frigates…

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Rheinmetall and MBDA to Develop Laser Defense System for German K130 Corvettes

In turn, Germany has just announced the launch of a program entrusted to Rheinmetall and MBDA Deutschland to develop a laser close protection system intended to equip the K130 corvettes ...

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