The US Navy chooses Thales CAPTAS-4 sonar for its new Constellation frigates

If there is one area in which French defense know-how is universally recognized, it is anti-submarine warfare. Whether it is its frigates, its submarines, or its maritime patrol aircraft, the French Navy has very often demonstrated advanced technicality and capabilities, even surpassing those of the very effective allies. Americans and British. Thus, on several occasions in recent years, the new French Aquitaine-class frigates have won the "Hook'em" competition organized by the US Navy, rewarding the best NATO crew(s) in the field of anti-terrorist combat. -underwater. If the French Navy collects the…

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12 aircraft carriers, 50 frigates: the US Navy returns to its fundamentals

To say that US Navy planning has been chaotic for the past 30 years would be an understatement. Between calamitous and chronically overcost programs such as the Zumwalt destroyers, the Littoral Combat Ship corvettes, or the Seawolf submarines, significant technical difficulties such as for the Ford-class aircraft carriers, and objectives marked by political considerations and economic, and not by operational needs, the prospects and options of the world's leading naval force have been irremediably darkened, while at the same time, the naval powers of its main competitors such as Russia and especially China, have developed with rigor…

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US Navy Changes Planning Targets To Respond To Chinese Threat

The end of President Trump's mandate was, as we know, chaotic to say the least. One area, among others, puzzled many observers, that of industrial planning and the format of the US Navy, marked by initiatives as late as disproportionate from the US administration. Thus, a few weeks before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump passed a law conferring very high format objectives on the US Navy, with 355 combat ships in 2030, and more than 500 buildings in 2045, even though no realistic planning had been implemented on this subject during the 4 years...

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US Navy recognizes design flaw in Freedom-class LCS

When the first Littoral Combat Ship, the USS Freedom, entered service, the US Navy was full of praise for its new technological nugget. The coastal multi-purpose warship program, which is based on two distinct Freedom and Independence classes, was to constitute a revolution in the field of modern naval combat. Highly automated, the LCS notably incorporated a modular structure allowing the ship to embark, in the form of containers, various tactical modules, whether to implement commando units, to carry out mine warfare actions, or to conduct anti-submarine warfare operations. In addition, class corvettes…

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US Navy wants to sell FFG / X frigates to all allies

The US Navy seems to have realized the real potential of the FREMM design used to design its next Constellation-class frigates, since such has been named the class of ships resulting from the FFG/X program. Indeed, Secretary of the Navy, Kenneth Braithwaite, declared that he planned to transform the program by taking inspiration from the "Joint Strike Fighter" program which gave birth to the F35, to make it the "Joint Strike Frigate", and sell these ships to all United States allied navies. This statement came as President Trump's Special Defense Advisor said the US Navy was going to need…

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