Aircraft carriers, anti-missile systems, combat aircraft: Seoul reveals its ambitions for the coming decade

Unlike the Europeans, South Korea has never neglected its investments in Defense, including during the period following the collapse of the Soviet bloc and which was ...

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Naval Group's Scorpene selected for the final of the P75i Indian program

The Indian Ministry of Defense has published the list of 5 international companies and 2 local shipyards which will take part in the final of the P75i program relating to…

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Aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, arsenal ships, the South Korean Navy has great ambitions

The South Korean Navy has been engaged, for the last twenty years, in a profound mutation aiming at acquiring high sea and projection capabilities, concomitantly with the ...

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The South Korean Navy wants to acquire 3 "Arsenal Ships"

In an unprecedented effort, South Korea plans to increase its defense 40% investments between 2020 and 2024, with more than 85 $ M spent on the equipment component ...

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The modernization of the South Korean High Seas Navy

The Republic of South Korea has undertaken, for several years, an in-depth modernization of its defense tool, based in particular on the rapid development of its own industry ...

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Korea positions itself in the AIP submarine market

It only took 2 generations of licensed 9 209 and 9 2014 after Germany, so that the South Korean shipyards could assimilate all the technologies needed to develop their own conventional AIP propulsion submarines, a technology that allows the submersible to stay several weeks underwater.

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