Submarines, light aircraft carriers, robotic ships .. the US Navy details its upcoming format

What was until now only a supported hypothesis has now taken on the stature of a long-term project. Indeed, Mark Esper, the US Secretary of Defense, detailed yesterday ...

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The US Navy will have to reduce the tonnage of its aircraft carriers to maintain its format

The Gerald R. Ford nuclear aircraft carrier is arguably the most powerful combat ship to ever sail the oceans today. Designed to support a very high…

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The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford completes its Flight Deck Certification equipped with EMALS and AAG

While the question of the usefulness of super aircraft carriers still arises within the US Navy, the new generation of nuclear aircraft carriers (CVNs) continue to develop. Relative to…

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The US Department of Defense wants to withdraw 2 aircraft carriers from the US Navy

We have echoed this widely here, the planning of the US Navy in terms of shipbuilding in the years to come today faces…

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The American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt docked in Guam due to the Covid-19

One of the two American aircraft carriers present in the Indo-Pacific zone, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, has just arrived at the American naval base on the island of Guam to be docked, after ...

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US Navy launches landmark study for future of super aircraft carriers

While the US navy fails to devise a satisfactory model for retaining naval supremacy over China in the long term, it has launched, according to the site ...

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Will Electromagnetism be the Black Powder of the XNUMXst century?

The arrival from Europe of black powder, a highly explosive and exothermic mixture of sulfur, saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and charcoal introduced by the Mongols in…

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The electromagnetic catapults of the new aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford finally validated

On February 11, the American industrialist General Atomics announced that it had validated the use of its electromagnetic catapults (EMALS - ElectroMagnetic Aircraft Launch System) as well as its new generation of strands ...

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