Koninklijke Marine: letter B given to the submarine builders selected to replace the Walrus

The Secretary of State for Defense of the Government of the Netherlands, Mrs. Barbara Visser, signed this Friday 13 December 2019 the letter B given to the three manufacturers of selected submarines…

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Replacement of the Dutch submarines Walrus: decision postponed to 2021

The news slammed into the air like a revolver shot in the Telegraaf's 6 December 2019 edition (Niels Rigter, "Kabinet: uitstel onderzeeërs"): the replacement ...

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Orka program: two Södermanland class submarines ceded by Sweden for Poland?

The Polish Minister of Defense, Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, confirmed, during the day of the Polish Navy, by communiqué the existence of negotiations with Sweden for the lease of ...

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Replacement of Dutch submarines Walrus: final straight 2020?

The replacement of the Walrus class submarines (Zr. Ms. Walrus (1992), Zr. Ms. Zeeleeuw (1990), Zr. Ms. Dolfijn (1993) and Zr. Ms. Bruinvis (1994) from the Navy Netherlands…

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Sweden re-activates naval bunkers against Russian threat

The strengthening of Russian military capabilities is taken very seriously by the Swedish authorities, as is the case, for that matter, for the majority of Scandinavian countries or bordering the sea ...

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Saab and Damen propose their model for the replacement of Dutch submarines

While rumors suggest that the Polish submarine market, which sees TKMS and Naval Group fighting a merciless war, would be postponed, the Walrus submarine replacement program of the Royal Netherlands Navy remains one of the major stakes for the players in this market.

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