The French Navy will modernize its 20mm Narwhal guns, which questions the evolution of its close defense capabilities

According to Naval News, the DGA would have notified on January 16 a modernization contract for the 20mm remote-controlled cannons of the French Navy, the Narwhal 20Bs from Nexter.…

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Will the French Navy be widely equipped with a 40mm RAPIDFire gun?

The question of the average artillery on surface ships of the French Navy has already been posed for several years, to the point that the general configuration of artillery pieces of…

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MBDA demonstrates the performance of its Mistral 3 missile against drones

In the end, nothing wants a real demonstration! It is essentially on this paradigm that MBDA has relied to organize, the 6 November 2019, a demonstration in real fire ...

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The IDF of the National Marine version better armed thanks to Greece?

The signature on October 10 by Athens and Paris of a letter of intent for the purchase of two buildings of the FDR program opens a bilateral work between ...

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