Was the probable failure of SCAF planned by Berlin for a long time?

Whether it is industrial, military or even political authorities, today there are hardly any voices in France or Germany to hope that the Future Air Combat System program, or SCAF, will go to its term. Even the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, the voice of the Elysée's European and Franco-German cooperation ambitions for more than 5 years now, is not resigned, but at the very least discreet, even skeptical on the subject. This failure in the making, which now seems almost inevitable, is often presented as the consequence of an industrial opposition between Dassault Aviation and Airbus Defense & Space regarding the Next…

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Why does European cooperation fail so often?

In July 2017, in the midst of a trench war between Washington and Berlin on defense issues and the balance of trade, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel announced the launch of vast Franco-German industrial cooperation in the field of defence, with no less than 4 major programs, the Future Air Combat System or SCAF intended to replace the French Rafale and German Typhoon, the Main Ground Combat System or MGCS intended to replace the Leclerc and Leopard 2 heavy tanks, the Maritime Airborne Warfare System or MAWS to replace the Atlantic 2 and P3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, and the Common Indirect Fire…

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Can France develop its defense programs without Germany?

In recent months, not a week goes by without new information questioning Germany's desire to persevere in the ambitious cooperation in defense programs launched 4 years ago by President Macron and Chancellor Merkel, on the altar of tensions between the United States and the Europeans, in particular Germany, consequences of President Trump's intransigence on issues of sharing the Defense effort. If over the past two years, Berlin's demands could still appear to be linked to a different conception of the defense effort, the thunderous exit from the…

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The Franco-German CIFS Artillery Program could be postponed

When he came to power, Emmanuel Macron launched 4 major cooperation programs between France and Germany in the field of defense equipment, with the aim of giving rise to a dynamic that would ultimately lead to the emergence of real European strategic autonomy. While Franco-German collaborations in this field had been almost at a standstill for nearly 30 years despite numerous requests from Paris, Berlin gave a favorable welcome to this French initiative, it is in fact largely spurred on by the President Trump's hostile attitude to NATO and very critical of Germany's lack of investment in…

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The French Army reveals its ambitions with the TITAN program

The French Army and the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) published this week a video animation presenting the main lines of development in progress and to come for the air-land combat of the French armies. If today all eyes, and the vast majority of credits, are focused on the renewal of the "median" segment, namely light and medium armored vehicles, the most likely to be deployed in external operations, within the framework of the program SCORPION, the renewal of the heavy component of the forces is now planned within a new program called TITAN. TITAN is not, in itself, really a…

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What will the war look like in 2035?

Since the end of the Second World War, developments on the battlefield have mainly followed an incremental dynamic, with increasingly powerfully armed and better protected armored vehicles, increasingly fast and precise aircraft, and ships of better and better armed. But fundamentally, the conduct of operations remains largely modeled on that which prevailed during the 50s and 60s, with increased precision and more effective communications. But today a new form of warfare, much more dynamic, electronic, and…

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Franco-German military cooperation: Can we make a difference between the two countries?

Two articles published today by the economic site lesechos.fr highlight the difficulties encountered by Franco-German defense cooperation. In Anne Bauer's first article, it is above all a question of the differences of position on Defense issues at the political and cultural level, France remaining a nation which feels the responsibility to intervene, whereas Germany, after the second world war, envisages only a purely defensive aspect for its forces, this generating significant divergences as for the design of the program MGCS of tanks and heavy armored vehicles to come. The second article, complementary to the first, is also written by Anne Bauer accompanied…

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